Friday, July 1, 2011

She's/I'm Awake

The doctors aren't allowing her on the computer or anything that would require concentration, so she's asked me to type up a message from her. Which she says I'm not supposed to editorialize on, but as she can't actually see the screen for at least another few days, what's she going to do?

Ooooh. Okay. That's a pretty nasty threat. I'll stick to dictation, then, shall I?

"I'm fine. I wish these doctors would LISTEN to how fine I am and let me go home and get back on with my work, but they won't listen. They don't understand why anything a freshman would have to do would be important enough to risk serious complications.
We all know, getting stalked by Slendyfuck IS a serious complication, and the sooner I get back to my work, the (hopefully) safer I'll be-and if I'm not a completely egotistical idiot, so will the rest of you. If nothing else, doing something is infinitely better than lying here in bed.
Reminds me too much of... things. Stuck in a tiny room, watched over day and night, given three square but unappetizing meals a day. My visitors are limited, my activities monitored. Yeah. It's like being back in jail.
Yes. I said Back, so Cam, stop gawping at me, I know you got that call from my Parole Officer.
There. I said it. I was in jail, now I'm on Parole, which is why I can't run. In case you lot were wondering.
No, I'm not going to tell the internet what I went to jail for. Cam, yes, I'll tell you later, and two of the people reading this already know. Well, one of them might have forgotten.
The point is, thanks for all the wellwishing. I'm kind of stunned at how many people showed up to wish me well. I don't... I'm not always the nicest woman around. So thanks.
Shaun, relax. Really, I'll be just fine. You know me, I'm a tough bitch. Nothing's changing. We're getting a new door, with a deadlock and a peephole, and we'll be fine. So, if you're still comfortable with what we discussed, I'd still love for it to happen.
Nick, sorry to call you out and embarrass you dear, but you're so cute when you blush. Or at least I think you are? That dream business is kind of nuts.
Hylo, thanks for the concern, I'll look forward to getting to know you better. You seem cool.
Kay, thanks.  Cam really did insist on delivering your hug the moment I was coherent enough to understand where it was coming from.
Shady, yeah. It sucks. My head is STILL throbbing. Depending on when you get done with what you're doing, you're welcome to come by. Though again, timing dependent I'm not sure where we'd put you. Glad to see you're doing alright as well.
Lucas and Joel. Stop fucking blaming yourselves. Ill tell you this in person when I see you, but I want to say it as many times as possible. This. Is. Not. Your. Fault. It's his. Wolf's. And Slendy's. Not yours.

Cam says he's been mucking with my page and commenting on things. I told him to go ahead, just to not be stupid about it. Be nice, don't break him. He's sweet, and his boy would kill me if we broke him."

That's the point where the Doctors caught on to what we were doing, and made us stop.
But she's alright, and I've been handed the keys. In perhaps the most embarrassing way possible. I'll be around, keeping an eye on things for her and catching up with everything for myself. Before this, even with Joel and Lucas about it hadn't occurred to me how much of a difference you all make for each other. Thank you. All of you.


  1. You keep an eye on Elaine. Got it?

    And Elaine? Don't worry about it.

  2. Oh, you two are just adorable. Elaine, be nice to him or I will hurt you. =P

    On an actually serious note, if you need any help with your research, leave a comment and I'll email you. (I don't like giving my email publicly)

    Feel better soon!

  3. @ Nick I will. Someone's got to, she doesn't take horribly good care of herself. And she'll kill me for saying so. And she says thank you.

    @ Ryuu, I really can take care of myself, regardless of what she says. But thank you.
    Elaine says yes, absolutely. Her (our, now) email is

  4. I second AmalgamationSage. Keep her safe but as well keep yourself safe. I do want to see either of you harmed. Do you guys need any help?

  5. @Shady, we're both going to do what we can to stay safe. Thanks. We're okay without help, though I know Elaine would love to meet you in person.

  6. We will cross soon. Oh, and when you get that package in the morning bring it inside asap. You'll want to keep it out of sight, me thinks.

    Helped anyways, overnighted something to you two.

  7. You know Cammy, I feel like a bad friend right now. Poor Lainey is in the hospital ALL alone with NO ONE to protect her from all the CRAZIES out there. If I was not busy testing said crazies, I would be down in a heart beat to... Provide support in Lainey's time of need.
    So yeah I want to blow up the hospital she is in. Huh. You know what, the 4th is only a couple days from now. Maybe I will celebrate by shooting off a few "fireworks" at the Hospital.

  8. @ Shady, I'm suddenly rather concerned. I hope for Elaine's sake it's nothing illegal.

    @Star, I had to check up on you. And now I'm rather sad I did. You're a sick fuck. Stay away from Elaine. And stop calling her Lainey. She doesn't let anyone call her that, especially people like you.

  9. Now don't be like that Cammy. It's mean and it hurts my feelings. I might be tempted to go personally ask for an apology from you. And by ask for apology, I of course mean stabbing you multiple times in the face. And your little dog too. THEN I will pay a visit to LAINEY. Doesn't that sound nice. It does. It really does.

  10. Um. Elaine says to ask you who peed in your coffee this morning.
    As for the rest of it, how about I don't insult you and you stay away from us. Surely you have better things to do.

  11. Heh, not by definition legal but not illegal either... Minus certain things... Give or take.

    It's useful, that's all that matters. Should be arriving between nine and noon so I suggest you're waiting on it. And be gentle pulling it inside, not something that should be jerked around, heh.

    Hope you two are getting lots of rest.
    Stay safe~

  12. Got it. I'd ask how you got a hold of all of this, but I'm really not sure I want to know.
    Elaine's happy with the knives, but asks me to tell you to please refrain from sending her illegal things as she really doesn't want to go back to jail.

  13. Pesky doctors. They are rather frustrating, aren't they?