Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apparently I'm a Damsel Now

eah. This week can officially go fuck itself.

Just to recap, this week my cat, my neighbor, and my best friend have been killed because of me. I've been questioned and accused by the police. I've been forced into protective custody on threat of jail time for 'parole violations'. I've been insulted and harassed by the officers 'protecting' me. I've been denied the right to attend the funeral of one of the people I care about most in the world. And now I've been fucking kidnapped.

What. The. Fuck.

I'd better keep this simple, else my captor might get bitchy. When he's not being cartoonishly insane, he's actually fairly threatening, something I think we all tend to forget, and I'd like to keep the bruising to a minimum, thanks. I'd rather not spend the next few weeks healing up because I was stupid and reckless.

Okay, that's a complete lie, you know me. I'm as noncompliant as they come, and Shitstar you're going to have to do something about it if you want that to change. I only agreed to write this post because I wanted people to know that I'm still fine. A bit roughed up, but fine.

Right. Anyway. I was sitting in the hotel room, as per the rest of this terrible fucking week, when Cuntmuffin drove the killdozer through the fucking wall.  Just out of nowhere. I have no idea how he found where I was-I didn't even know where I was. I'm not stupid, nor was it my job to protect someone stupidly against a fucking tank, so I went for cover while they shot up the room. Being unarmed I peered over but did not go charging out when the shooting stopped, only to find Cockrobin and a few of his minions(but not that fucking clown, thankfully) pouring out of the dozer. They grabbed me, and as there were four of them and I didn't have weapons, I didn't fight. Much.

And now I'm locked in a room again, except this time Shitstar and his morons are outside and I have NO IDEA when I'll be able to get out of here. Technically this is the point where I'm informed I'm supposed to do the whole 'Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope' thing, but fuck that noise. Nick, stay put. I don't know where we are, though I'm almost positive we're still in town, we couldn't have gotten far in the Dozer. But I'm not exactly helpless, I'll think of something.



  1. WTH?! I'm getting just a little fed up with Morningstar... He's like Syndrome from the Incredibles... all the cool toys in the world won't make him cool, even if it does occasionally make him entertaining.

  2. ...


    Elaine, PM me if there is anything that I can do to help. I'm just glad you're able to post something. From Morningstar's post he sounds like he kidnapped you to rage on Prosper, which is interesting.

  3. Maybe you should ask him if you can go to the funeral?

    In all seriousness, this is not good news. Kick him in the balls for me.

  4. Yeah, he just kind of threw me in a room with the laptop and told me to write this up. So really the only functional difference right now is the intentions of the people outside the door. And the fact that I'm probably about to have to fight Recluse.

    Shady, I'll be fine. Getting out of here will be a good way to let out some frustration. Thank you, though.

    Mystery, the killdozer is honestly pretty damn sweet. Not going to lie. If it weren't trying to kill me, I'd have been excited to see it.

    MrStumblr, don't worry, I will. Kick him in the balls, I mean.

  5. They used the Killdozer in you?! Hope that metal monster dont get produced in mass.

    I know you dont like it, but still, I will definitely pray for you. Be as brave as only you can be, sister. (Dam , why I'm too away now!?)

  6. Keiken, yeah, look, I'm gonna be just fine. No need for prayers. But thanks for the thought, I guess.

  7. For those watching, yes, I'm still alive, yes I am bruised all to fuck, yes, I did fight fucking Recluse and she ought to be about as miserable as I am. Hopefully.

    But I'm alive, and I'll get out of here. Just you fucking wait.

  8. Elaine, it's good to see you're alright. Stay strong.

  9. Cuntmuffin. Jeez. Star has so many nicknames these days. ^_^