Friday, July 22, 2011

The Wedding

Cam and Jake probably won't be leaving their part of the hotel room for the next day or two, so I figure I should maybe put up a post about the wedding itself.

Short version? It went fucking nuts.
The actual ceremony went more or less as planned, though the fact that several of us had spotted Cockrobin running about and were concerned put a bit of a damper on things. The boys didn't notice, though, and I can honestly say watching those two glow as they said their vows was probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen. People were crying and cheering as they kissed, and I had to laugh at how uncomfortable Jake's mom was looking at the whole thing. Crazy homophobic bint.

It was only AFTER the ceremony that things got crazy. August ran off to follow Cuntmuffin when he vanished. Spencer grabbed Nick and Konaa to deal with the body of the chef-Star had killed him and poisoned all the food. Even the cake, which I think Cam about had a heart attack when he realized. Cam's aunt Jennifer got horribly sick, which would be worse if she weren't the aunt that walked up to Cam and I before the ceremony to ask if he was quite sure he wouldn't rather marry me instead. So, really, I'm not going to feel too guilty over what is apparently merely a temporary inconvenience. No idea whether Shitstar did that on purpose or picked the wrong poison.

In any event, that was about the point that the chairs exploded. Someone-probably Moaningstar but possibly someone else-had rigged them all with explosives. No one was seriously hurt, they didn't explode hard enough to do anything past throwing a bunch of splinters around. Shitstar at that point had made it back down to the wedding, August had apparently gotten caught up with a bunch of random proxies, and all hell was breaking loose. Jake and I headed out to the hall, where Nick was holding his own. Jake rushed back in to protect Cam while I kept an eye on Nick, ready to intervene if needed.

And right there is where I lose track of what's going on with most everyone. Nick and Star end up in the elevator, which closes. I hovered there for a minute before heading over to help August and Spencer just in time to stop one of them from catching August good. That turns into a proper brawl with the three of us plus Hylo and Lucas. I'm pretty sure that at least some of the proxies ended up dead, but I'm honestly not sure, and I didn't check when August started taking them away.

From what I gather from Nick, he and Shitstar fought in the elevator until it opened on Tiger and Recluse. He then... well, I'll let him tell you about that one, his supernatural stuff is not my area of expertise. But they cut and ran, along with what was probably Gleeman and... that other one. The boring one. With the guns and the sword. I don't bother keeping track. They'd been busy rescuing Nee-Chan from a fight with Konaa, who apparently did some pretty good damage.

In the good news, everyone's alive, and aside from a few relatively minor wounds we didn't take any real hits either. A resounding success for us, especially as we moved into the reception after this, and the hotel even managed to put together an entire new feast for us. I shudder to think how much it cost Cam but it's not like he didn't have the money.

In spite of the fighting and the loss of the cake, I'd call the wedding a success. Cam and Jake are married, they got their dance, they got their cheesy cake cutting moment(though on a significantly less fancy cake). We did the toast thing, and I made a complete ass of myself, and I danced with Nick.

Shitstar and Nee-Chan, that doesn't mean you're ANY less dead when/if I find you. Don't get comfy. I may not believe in killing you guys, but Jake does not share my scruples.



  1. Awww, Elaaaaaine, they just wanted to liven things up!

    Heh. Seriously, though, I'd say that went well, shitstorm or no.

  2. And, of course, nobody mentions the bomb I set off in the underground to divert media attention.
    I get no love, do I?
    Wish Cam the best for me, love.

  3. Yeah, it more or less did, Konaa

    And yes. Thank you Spencer. Seriously.


  4. I know it was... well interesting.

    I'm still happy you guys are married. And I can only wish you the best. :)

  5. You don't know me, I don't really know you or the happy couple, so I'm just going to say this and leave: Congratulations on your marriage.

    Glad to know SOME people can be happy in this Slendershit mess.

  6. Oh no! I'm glad everyone made it out of that okay. Congrats on the marriage. And may you have as many happy years or what have you as possible.

    Take care, all.

  7. *Fangirl squeal* So happy for you Cam and Jake! Sounds like you had a blast! (no pun intended) Happy marriage to you :D

  8. Morningstar officially turned the situation in the States from desparate horror into an action comedy. Was the Tall Bastard anywhere in sight?

  9. Next time I will not play nicely. Next time, boring though it may be, I am simply going to disembowel every single one of you. Quickly. Efficiently. No more GAMES. My Losing streak is at an end, this I promise you.

  10. Thanks for the wedding, guys. It was a lot of fun, even after the not-so-good Doctor decided to show up.

    Also, seriously Morningstar, you used to have style. Disembowlment is NOTHING like you.


  11. Aw, so cute Star! you'd be in a room with a great deal of highly paranoid Runners. And you think this would go well? Lucas is right. I thought you were more classy than that! D:

    Tell you what. Show up at The House sometime (if you can find it) and I'll give you a nice, big cheer up hug. You may be on a losing streak, but we love you for it, you adorable little failure. <3

    In any case, nobody died. Christ. That's talent, guys.

  12. Hylo, thank you. I know Cam was glad to have you here.

    Ray, technically, I don't know anyone. You're welcome to stay and keep reading. And thank you. I think anyone can if they're willing to accept the risk that it entails.

    Thank you Lissie. We plan on having many happy years together.

    Thanks Shadiey. It was actually quite a bit of fun. As no one actually got hurt, I rather enjoyed the excitement, honestly.

    Liam, thank you, and we'll try.

    Maduin, not until much later that night, after the wedding was over. But that's a topic for a different post.

    MS, bring it on. You come back again, I shoot on sight. You ready to die?

    Joel, I'm glad you had fun.

    Spencer, that's training. And also ineptitude from our enemies. Thank you.


  13. Oh god i tried to stop them

    im so sorry sorry

  14. It's okay, Maurice. There's not much you could've done about this.


  15. Hahahaha, a bunch of splinters and the wrong poison. Star screwed up that plan, didn't he?