Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm alive. I don't fucking know how I'm alive, but I am. Apparently Prosper isn't horribly observant. Or I'm really fucking lucky. Either way, I survived the few desperate hours before I dared come out and see if I'd made it. He was gone, Cam was...
Jake was gone. No body, minimal signs of fighting, just gone. I don't know what that means. I can't... I can't think about it yet.

I called the police, because again, what else do you do when you're roommate...

Well. I had to call. I was once again at the station, answering questions. I went in at like 7am, and I didn't leave until  half an hour ago. First it was the questions, then it was the waiting. They wanted me to submit to their 'protection'. I wouldn't have gone, but they managed to make the paperwork from my approval to go to the wedding vanish, and it was either police protective custody or back to prison for parole violations. Only for a week, admittedly, but I don't fancy my chances back in prison. Even without slendershit there's plenty of people who want me dead.

So, I'm here. In some nondescript hotel. On the bright side, this is a suite, so the policeman in the room doesn't have to stand over me to guard the door. On the downside, I'm trapped in a room I'm not allowed to leave for the next week. And I've no idea how much they're watching what I'm doing. I don't have my notes. I don't have any real privacy. I wasn't allowed back into the apartment to pack a bag, they brought a bunch of nondescript clothes in roughly my size. They allowed me to bring the laptop and my cell, both of which I took with me to the police station to begin with. Technically this is 'at will' so in theory when my parole ends Saturday I can walk out the door and not look back.

We'll see if that works in practice. In addition, lets see if I can last this week without getting myself into trouble with the officers. After C-after what happened, I'm not really in a sit and hide sort of mood. More a 'run and hunt down the bastard that did this' mood or a 'run the fuck away and never look back or else he'll find you' mood. Depending.

But, fuck. I'm alive. Completely unharmed. Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much if I had been.



  1. I'm glad you're okay. Or at least alive and physically unharmed. There's a difference there, isn't there? Anyway, I'll shut up.

  2. Thank goodness you're alright Elaine.
    If you need to talk or anything you know how to contact me.


    i dunno what to say to you elaine. im so sorry for what happened...but at least you're alive, right?

  4. Hylo, thanks. I don't... I'm not ready to talk yet. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

    Shaun, thanks. I don't know what to say either

  5. You're alive? Honestly, this Prosper fellow is quite inefficient. Killing the only one of you who couldn't fight. Doesn't bring up confidence in our hiring standards, let me tell you.

  6. oh shit. oh, shit, man. god elaine, i just saw all this. i'm so sorry. i'm so, so sorry.

    Cam was a good person. he deserved better.

  7. Thank you Ryuu. I... Thank you.

  8. Glad you are alive, Elaine. Sorry for your friends. I am so fucking sorry...

    Stay safe. I will not stop until Prosper is dealt with. He's killed too many already without much notice. Now there is a spotlight upon him, there is no need for him to hide. Be careful, I doubt he's finished with you.

    We should talk.

  9. Shady, we do need to talk. You have my email. And thank you.

  10. Elaine, you have no idea how glad we are that you're okay. Seriously. And honestly, if you'd gotten hurt, it would have only made you feel worse. I may not know much, but I know that.

    Keep safe. Ok?


  11. The Mad Ventriloquist is sorry for Elaine's loss. He sounds like a greeting card. Which wasn't the intention. He really is sorry. This is all very horrible, and he understands that it feels sort of bad to be not hurt after all that's happened. But there's nothing wrong in surviving. People do what they have to.

    The Mad Ventriloquist wishes Elaine lots and lots of luck. He also suggests beer.

  12. Lucas... Safe is kind of out of my hands for the moment. Locked in a hotel room and all.

    TMV. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Unfortunately, drinking is a really bad idea right now, I have to stay clear to stay safe. But it is tempting.

  13. Lainey Lainey, don't look so sad. Uncle Riddles loves you! Sirens all around. Hey Zero, good buddy, let's you and me go meet Logan for some coffee, you say. Naw, I'm fucking wit' y'all, it's really just me an' Prism here. You want me to kill this prospectfucker for you? I can do that now, because the Master cannot touch me I am immortal! There is bleeding, look at it, it is magnificent! Blind, all of you are blind!

    My God, what did I just do? Nevermind, posty-posty comment.

    Stay frosty, Lainey. Watch the watchmen.

  14. Elaine - Dead little friends
    Dead little friends
    Dead little friends
    Hate Me Hate Me Hate Me
    Threes a crowd
    Now there is but two
    Two little asylum girls
    I missed you both so

  15. What the crap, Ridley? I... What the fuck happened to you?

    Prosper. I'm going to hunt you down and destroy you. After what you did to Cam... I'll see you get what you deserve.

  16. Elaine - Hate Me Hate Me Hate Me Hate Me Hate Me
    Makes this all the sweeter

  17. Cam was a good guy. He didn't deserve any of this. I'm sorry. And I really don't know what else to say.

    Don't give up, Elaine.

  18. Konaa. I'm just glad you're alive. Thank you. I'm so sorry about what happened, don't you give up either.

  19. Yes, you are alive. There is that.