Monday, July 18, 2011

Alice Carter

As I mentioned before, yesterday while the lovers were having some alone time, I went to go meet Alice's roommates. They were rather confused as to my interest. I had to lie and tell them that I was doing summer coursework. I am once again infinitely grateful at my ability to lie convincingly. They bought it, showed me in, and we sat down to talk.

Apparently, Alice was a sorority girl, all three of the girls at the house were. They'd known each other since rush. She'd been acting weird for a couple months, but when she went antisocial in April, they thought she was just worried about exams.
With a little bit of prying, I found out that there was some weirdness with the school where she'd done her student teaching. A couple of the kids in her class went mysteriously missing right around the time Alice started getting twitchy.
That sounds promising. I need to look into the kids disappearances a little more. I made a note of that, and lucked out-they let me see Alice's room. As soon as I stepped in, there was no doubt. The notebook was Alice's. Apparently she liked to write/illustrate childrens books in her free time, and the walls were covered in her work.
Everything in the notebook is rougher, sketchier than the art that was on her walls, but it was definitely the same style. It almost looked like the writing and drawing in the notebook was regressed. In comparison, it's strangely childlike.

I did find a few more drawings of Slendershit in with her papers, and sure enough all of the writing and drawing in sections with Slendy was the same way. I got their permission to take her story notes, I'll look through them when this wedding madness ends.

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