Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Mission Statement

Alright, so I'm reasonably sure I'm no longer off kilter. I feel fine, I can think straight, I'm not wobbly or out of control. Now it's back to what I'm really here for. Research, information, experimentation.

The first order of business today is something rather strange. Specifically, this comment on Lucas and Joel's blog. Why someone was directing a comment at me via their blog, I have no idea. But I am perhaps more confused and put on edge by the message. Tell me, Twinkletwat, why is someone making death threats on you but directing them at me via someone else's blog? I know we play well together, but I really have no interest in having anything to do with you outside of the dreams. So, keep your shit to yourself, please. I have some reading to do...

So, after reading a great deal more blogs (though I still have a great many more to go, my work is never done), I have come to a few conclusions. My goals have changed, and so my Mission Statement needs to change to reflect that.

Firstly, my work on 'the cure.' The first thing you need to know, from everything I've read, is that there isn't one. There is no convenient pill or shot that will make all of the slender influence go away forever. This shit isn't a disease, treating it like one won't solve anything. If this were really that simple, then Slendershit wouldn't be the eldrich horror we all know and love.
I've done my reading. I've read all the proxy blogs I can get a hold of, all the nice ones, the douchey ones and the ones in between. I've read the blogs of people who've been made into proxies against their wills, and the blogs of the ones who cured themselves.
From what I've seen, proxies come in three flavors-crazy fucked up villainous, like Tensor and Twinkletwat, mind controlled like Fizzbomb and Cynthia, and decent people who somehow ended up working for the most psychotic killer ever, like Messenger, Poe, Atalanta, and Maurice. The villainous ones either were already crazy or broken and trained to be that way, like Tensor. The mind controlled ones are too tightly controlled to get to without serious work, and the nice ones... well, they have their own reasons and honestly they don't need a cure, they need hope and an escape plan.
The cure that worked was the one people gave themselves. The ones who found their own redemption, who thought and fought their way to regaining control of their own mind. Jeff, Cheska, and Reach weren't cured because of acid injected into their brains or some drug made out of Revenant blood. They fought their way with their minds.
The other options are fakes and false hope. Jay's acid was good in the short term because it made people forget, and if you're not thinking about Slendy, you're not attracting his attention. But the experiment lasted a month, and honestly these days forgetting isn't enough. If you have the personality that leads you to Slendy once, you'll go back again. We've seen it before, with Nessa and Robert. Jeff's cure was never really properly tracked with people that weren't him or Cheska, who'd been proxified, as far as I've read. I'm not quite sure what to think about the residue that gets coughed up, but I'm guessing it's probably something to do with the fact that some folks get diseases from exposure to Slenderp.
There isn't a miracle cure, but there is something we can do to protect ourselves. To help our friends and loved ones, or just random stalked or proxies that want our help. Due to Lucas' situation, this has been my primary objective. There has to be a way to reclaim our minds, to remove his influence and keep it out. Our minds are ours, dammit, and if my own experience so far is any indication (as well as the experiences of those smarter than me), our minds are the key to everything.
It's not easy, because nothing in life is. But I'm living proof that this shit isn't complete crap. Joel and Lucas tell me that what I taught them seems to be working. It's a bit early to declare it a victory, but it certainly looks promising. I certainly did my fucking research for this shit.
I believe that this process could even help a proxy reform, if they wished to do so, though it's a huge risk for them as it takes time and they could easily be killed.  I've contacted a couple of proxy types about testing this out, but there's been no interest. If you are under his influence and want to test my findings, my email is in my profile.

My secondary concern, that is no less important but harder to test, is that of safety. People have been throwing around the idea of safety for so long, but as far as I know, the only person who's managed to establish any sort of safe zone is Kay, and even she's had problems within it. My theory, which may or may not have anything to do with Kay's house and honestly has a great deal more to do with Maduin and Stumblr, is that keeping positive and laughing away the fear keeps you safe. I talked about this before, and nothing's really changed on this front, except for more positive results on my end. Cam and I have been working rather hard at this one, and we've had little to no direct slendy influence since we got it going. True, there was that problem with Wolf, but the power of positivity has never been known to keep real people away. Need to do more research.

Third, the Notebook. I just know there's a lot more to be learned from it, but I can't for the life of me think of what. I'm thinking of trying to track down who the notebook belonged to. If I can, maybe I can track down a clue to all of this. Whoever this was... she wrote like she knew something. Either she was crazier than most hollowed, or she really did, and I could really stand to gain something from all of this.

Fourth, The more research I do, the more it comes back to belief. Core Theory. Tulpa theory. The ideas on where he came from, what started all of this. It's all related to belief, and I'm convinced that belief shapes so much of the interactions with him. If we can discern what effect belief really has on him, we can use that to fight back, to invent ways to keep ourselves safe. What if Zero was right about the solstice thing all along? We never did properly follow through with it, and maybe that was our downfall.
This also falls into the Narrative, like the notebook talks about. I'm not going to get into that much here, expect a series of posts on my theories about belief, what slendy really is, and how to use that against him.


  1. I understand where you're coming from with the narrative standpoint, and I know that we probably didn't pay enough attention in the solstice.

    But I personally don't like the idea that we're just characters in a story, it makes it seem like we have no choice in our fate. We're going to survive and I don't want it to be because some narrator made it so.

    Does that make sense?


  2. What I like about the narrative thing is that the notebook talks about us being able to write our own stories. Sounds like there's a way to take control, and I intend to find it and take full advantage.

  3. So I'm considered cured, huh? That's a very interesting thought, one that I never considered myself. As for the power of positive thinking, it didn't save my toilet.

  4. Have you asked Nil about it? I haven't seen him around lately, so he might not actually be around anymore, but of all the proxies I've encountered over the blogs, he seemed the most... aware of his situation. He also tested out a cure for someone else once, although the validity of that venture is more in question now than ever... but still.

    I'm still holding out for some variant of Core Theory, personally. There were a LOT of problems with it, but the original idea was sound. It kind of depends on how far into "reality" Slenderman is at any given time (because I'm pretty sure now that if fluctuates). Sometimes tulpa has an effect, and sometimes it doesn't. What the deciding factors for that are is something I'm looking into.

    Keep up the good work though. We'll see how far we can mesh these ideas when we have more information.

  5. positive thinking and willpower are both stronger forces than you think...welcome back elaine, its good to see you're doing alright.

  6. I reckon you've just got to know who you are, and the rest will slide into place. My problem with the narrative theories is that people end up defining themselves with the titles instead of using titles and roles to strengthen their own personalities.

    I like what you've got here, though. Good luck with it all.

  7. @Stumblr, Either you're a lying bastard of a proxy, or you've cured yourself. I'm tentatively leaning toward the latter. Don't do anything to change my mind.

    @Ryuu, I haven't seen Nil. Who is that? Can you get me a link to his blog or profile?

    A variant of Core Theory does seem most likely. Merge it with the narrative, and it reminds me a lot of Inkheart. Don't know if you ever read it, but the idea is that characters and things in a book get brought to life in our world. The author wrote them a certain way, so when they come out, they are that way-including the big epic evil guy. It's been a long time since I've read it, so I don't remember many of the details, but the relevant bit... You know what, I'm just going to make that a post for tomorrow. Thanks for getting my brain going.

    @Shaun, it's good to have you back as well.

    @Jean, I'm hoping that by emphasizing the role of staying grounded and asserted I can dodge the stupid problems with titles that the Core Theory had. And thank you.

  8. Oh please, I get death threats all the time. Though this is the first time someone has put one on another Blog. Must be the... Brother/Sister/Son/Daughter/Father/Mother of someone I killed already.
    Nil's Blog. It will not help you.

  9. I don't really care how many death threats you get, twinkletwat. What I care about is when someone decides to send one to me with your name on it. What. The. Fuck.

    Thanks for the link. That's strangely helpful of you. I guess we bonded last night or something? That's a strange thought.

  10. Am I reading this wrong or did you just suggest that Brett is smarter than you?

  11. Hehe, no. That is what is called filler. I'll go back and change it when I find something better to take that spot.

  12. Ssrisk is right. Determination and a sound attitude can get you through just about anything. It keeps soldiers on the field long after they should have bled out and us digging through mountains upon mountains of blogs, videos, notebooks full of crazy, and the Places Physics Left Behind.

    Because really, what else is there to do? Sometimes being a determinator is the only way to get out alive- and sometimes, even that isn't enough.

    Anyways, good to see you back on your feet. You've done excellent work so far, and I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Inkheart. I've seen a few parallel before, but I've never seriously considered the idea until now.

    Heh, long comment is long. I'll stop.

  13. Thanks. Yeah, Shaun's fair brilliant. This is my hope. I want us all to be able to keep going. So many of our tragedies happen when a blogger comes to the end of their tolerance and gives up. If something I do or say can stop that from happening to even one person, it'll all be worth it.

    My musings on Inkheart and the narrative theory will be up shortly.

  14. I'll do my best, but I think I'm more a victim of circumstance than someone who actively cured myself. After all, he's after me now. That doesn't sound like much of a cure to me.

  15. ... That's what happens when a proxy isn't a proxy any more. As far as I know there's no real way to get out of a slenderstalking if you're not working for him. If there were, we'd be using it.
    Unless you fancy some amnesia?

  16. Unless it's of the laser guided variety, no thanks. Most of my memories involve him in some way or another anyway, so it would probably end horribly for me.

  17. Yeeeeah. Not sure how Red does it, but Jay's was an injection of acid to the memory centers of the brain. Seems like a generally bad idea.

  18. I don't like the idea of my brain turning into liquid, thank you very much. It sounds incredibly painful anyway. Besides, what do you do with them then? They probably won't function like a normal human.

  19. Fuck if I know. Jay said they were totally functional, but I do tend to find that hard to believe. Acid doesn't work like that.

  20. When you remove part of a person's brain, they're bound to lose memories and have issues dealing with whatever that part of the brain was designed to do. That's basic anatomy.

  21. Maybe if each person could find a way to keep Slendy from their mind, then it can become like an infection in itself. Maybe there really is hope.