Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm out, I'm out, I'm out, I'm free, I'm safe. Well, as safe as I can be, under the circumstances. By the time this goes up, I'll have been gone for two hours. I'm getting the fuck out of town, and that should be plenty of time for me to be off in a direction and be difficult to trace.
The alarm probably will have gone up by then, anyway.

It was surprisingly easy to get away. Terminator was on guard duty, and he was tired and distracted and forgot to lock the door... Something distracted him, he ran off, and it wasn't much work to sneak out. I almost feel bad for Star-two days he was in top form and some incompetent moron ruined it for him.
Yeah, if he hadn't been planning on killing me today, I would be sad about that. As it stands, FUCK YES FOR INCOMPETENT MINIONS!

Anyway, I'm at a McDonalds posting this and they're getting pissy that I haven't ordered anything, so I'm going to head out. I'll put a proper post tonight when I'm on the road.


  1. The Mad Ventriloquist wishes Elaine well. She might want to eat something, though. Just to keep her energy up. Pay in cash.

  2. Never mind that you're beat up and probably look like you've been threw a war... of course McDonalds will care more about you ordering food than if you're alright. Bleh... Mindless corporate lackies.

    I'm glad you're alright.

  3. I love how Star is the first comment and he's all pissy. Stay safe, hon!

  4. Your situation sounds so ODDLY familiar elaine...i wonder why that is. /sarcasm

    you need to watch your back. if im right and im being followed by more than just the slenderman then you might have more trouble than just some guy in a fucking tank*...we all might.

    *a tank really what the fuck dude

  5. Sorry Star. We can play again another time, maybe.

    Nick, thank you.

    Joel, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, boy? You gave me a fucking HEART ATTACK. When I have time... we'll be having words...

    TMV, thanks, but I didn't have money.

  6. Mystery, well, I did my best to not appear beaten up. I don't want some well meaning idiot trying to talk to me about it. And thanks

    Thank you Alexia, for your kind wishes.

    Shaun... I'm watching my back, I promise. Now that I'm free to move around as I wish, that'll make things simpler.

  7. So glad to hear you're safe. It's the first bit of good news we've had in a while.

    We're heading back to Vermont in an hour or so; is there any way we can meet you somewhere before we leave? For peace of mind. Given everything that's happened, I want to see somebody with a pulse who isn't one of the team.

  8. Oh, thank heavens! I was so terribly worried.

  9. That's a relief. Hopefully you'll hear from Jake soon too.

  10. Fuck yes, woman. Fuck. Yes. Do you need anything? Probably not, kicking ass and taking names, eh? Heh. If you need anything drop a line, so happy you're out. Stay safe, Elaine.

  11. I am slowly starting to accept my faith now that the slenderman has started haunting me, and I have to be solidary with the other folks with this problem.

    Best of wishes, mate.

  12. U mad star?

    Anyway, congrats on escaping Elaine. I just started reading your blog, though it seems you've gone through a lot so far for one person.

  13. August. It was nice seeing you. And I'm sorry.

    Ryuu, Kay, Hylo, thanks.

    Atalanta, here's hoping

    Shady, asskicking starts tomorrow.

    Travis, thanks?

    Jetex, thanks. You don't know the half of it.

  14. The morons he has for proxies are just... so stupid. Is it any surprise that they keep screwing shit up?