Sunday, July 3, 2011

He got away/ A bit About Me

Once again, Joel and Lucas have the heart of the matter. Wolf escaped police custody and is now on the run. Luckily, Elaine is not being implicated in anything, due to her injuries. When the police came back by to talk to us, I could tell she was concerned.
But maybe she's just nervous around cops? I don't... Knowing what I know now, I don't know what to make of it.

Right. Anyway. Elaine can't see the blog yet, she's not allowed to touch the computer. Except for this morning where I nearly got myself kicked out causing a disturbance so that she could send an email to Shaun. Which, if you're reading this, she's worried sick. Which is of course pissing the doctors off, because she's supposed to be resting, but hey. It's Elaine. If she's not worried about something or someone, the world's about to end.
Get back to us when you can, Shaun. She's worried sick.

Right. So, I was going to share a little bit about me, since it seems I'll be on here a fair bit. And also posting gives me something to do when I'm not allowed in Elaine's room. Lucas and Joel have been keeping to themselves a bit, probably planning their next move. Can't say I blame them.

Right. Me. My name's Cam Hudson. I started a PhD program in Urban Folklore last fall. I'm 25, and engaged to the man of my dreams, Jacob. He's in the Army, currently deployed in Afghanistan. He's due to be home in two weeks, and we have a wedding planned and prepared for two days after he gets home, in Vermont. This has been entirely planned and put together by me, as when Jake was deployed we didn't think we'd be able to do anything like that until he left the Army.
Happily, we were wrong, and I'm getting married in two weeks. Probably. I hate to put Jake in the kind of danger he'll be in, living with and being married to me. What if he gets Infected? I don't think I can hide this from him forever, he'll notice, especially with Elaine's work.

Well, I'll deal with that when it happens. In happier news, Elaine's due to be released in the morning, which I think is as much a relief for the hospital as it is for us. She's still supposed to avoid any exertion for the rest of the week, but she'll be home. And when she's better, I found someone who will teach us both to fight. Now that we have this lovely care package full of things to fight WITH...


  1. Don't look forward to a fight. It's never any fun.

  2. Not looking forward to it, just acknowledging that it's likely to happen. After what just happened, we're both WELL aware.

  3. Glad you got the package. I don't plan to send anything else for now, so Elaine can relax. Just some supplies in the meantime. Heh, hope you enjoy~

  4. On the plus side, Cam, your fiance has combat training and so may be able to suggest defenses you haven't thought of and at the very least, get everyone trained so what happened to Elaine doesn't happen again.

  5. "Well, I'll deal with that when it happens."
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... OH... Oh Jesus. Clearly the "Man of your dreams" does not matter to you all that much. Father will find him more easily, and once that happens, well... Death is assured and there is no one to blame but YOU for dragging him into this. You REALLY are a selfish bastard aren't you? He will die and you are all like "Meh. At least he shall die with me." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  6. @Shady, I don't think relaxing is on the agenda, but thanks anyway.

    @Mystery, For right now I'm hitting up a friend, since Jake won't be in town for another couple weeks. But yes, the thought had occurred to me. But he'd want to know why, and I'm not sure I'm going to tell him.

    @Twinkle, go to hell. Seriously. Go to hell and get off our blog.

  7. Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

    Sorry. Got distracted. Anyway. I'm sure the hospital was more than happy that you were going home the next day.