Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Messenger's Report

I’m here to report the death of Elaine Logan, born Melanie Elizabeth Brown.   Died early the morning of April 14th.

She and the runner known as Elliot went after an agent called Angmar, who had kidnapped a young girl called Emily and was staying with her in an abandoned warehouse.  Elliot managed to escape with Emily (both relatively unharmed), though the warehouse exploded with Elaine and Angmar inside.  We have identified both bodies—or the remnants thereof (Elaine’s tattoos made her remains easier to identify).  Cause of death seems to be an explosion.  Those investigating say that there appear to have been multiple smaller explosions as opposed to one giant one.  While it’s uncomfirmed, they also say that the source appears to be amateur-made explosives.

So ends Elaine’s chapter in this story.  She was some pretty well-known figurehead to a lot of people or some shit like that.  I dunno.  A lot of people respected her or something, so I guess a lot of people are upset she’s gone.  She did preemptively leave some final words, so there’s that.  Another story given closure.  Another one bites the dust.

Blog’s over, people.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-

Saturday, April 14, 2012


If you're reading this, I'm dead. That's not a surprise, I knew going in that the odds were high Angmar would make sure I went down. Hopefully, I've gone down with him. I don't mind. As much as I wanted to keep going for all of you, I... it'll be nice to finally get my rest.
So, don't be too heartbroken, I've been waiting a long time for this. Just. Remember me, and try to give everyone a fair shot. Because fuck knows I'd never have gotten this far without one, and I've tried to give everyone that same shot.

I apologize for how short all of these are. I'm not as eloquent as Cam was, and I suck at talking about feelings, you lot should know that already.

Elliott. Thanks for helping me out when I needed it. I never would've gotten through those first couple months without you there. Tell Em I love her and I'm sorry to leave her behind.

Spencer. I dunno if there's anything still there. I don't think there is, but just in case. I love you. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you stay you. I hope you can forgive me for leaving you when I did. And I forgive you.

Shaun. I love you. I'm so sorry. Thank you for everything.

Lis. Hang in there. I'm so sorry to leave you. Remember how wonderful you are, because I always do.

Ronan. Thank you so much for everything. You've been a dear friend to me. I hope things go well for you. Try and make sure David doesn't close himself off for this?

David. Whatever happened, I'm sorry to let you down. You're the closest thing I have to a father, and you helped me so much.

Ember.  You're brilliant and stubborn and wonderful. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Nick. You're a damn grudge holding fool, and I still fucking adore you. Please be careful. And thank you for coming to help me, before. Don't get your ass killed.

Hylo. Never lose your hope, alright? You're wonderful. Be careful, and I'm sorry about the Jake thing.

M. I know you don't read my blog, but take care of Shaun or I'll come back as a ghost and haunt your ass, alright?

Konaa. You're a crazy motherfucker. Keep doing your thing, you're amazing. Don't forget to give yourself time to be human. Go spend some time with Hylo, I know you'll need it.

Bondie. You're sweet. Watch M's ass, and don't get killed. And maybe talk to him about that thing we talked about. Life's too short and all.

Benjamin. Thank you for hosting us, and for always being so good to Emily. With any luck, Elliott has gotten her safely to you by now. I know you'll treat her well. Just. Make sure she knows how much I love her?

Fracture. Thanks for the emails, you've kept me company through some of the worst time in my life. Don't let Swan get you down.

Jeremy. Don't give up.

Everyone I had to take off of this list... well, I hope I see you again in whatever comes after.

Goodbyes are always so awkward.

Where do I begin?

I feel like I’ve become the bearer of bad news or something. My five or six posts here have been nothing but dealing with whatever it was Elaine currently couldn’t, and I guess now she really isn’t able to cover my ass.

That’s right. She’s dead.

Went down in a blaze of fucking glory, though, so good on her. Know what they say about mother bears and their cubs? Yeah, that’s a pretty solid analogy for what just went down. Think she might’ve  managed to get one of the guy’s balls at some point, and judging by the way he screamed I’m guessing Elaine brought more than just her favourite hunting knife with her.

Actually, I guess I’m not being entirely honest. This all went down earlier today, and after finally managing to (sort of) console Em and pass her off– hell, I’m not exactly taking this well myself – I'm off again.

Why post now, then? Well, I’d be damned if I could have managed a post that wasn’t shit, Elaine’s dead, Em’s safe, we’re in some unspecified location I’m not going to mention for fear of that crazy bastard Angmar destroying the warehouse he was holding Em hostage in followed by a few ramblings about I’m not a father what the fuck am I supposed to do with a kid.

Well, at least one of those issues has been sorted out: Em’s off to live with Ben. A permanent home’ll be good for her. Safe.  Safer than she’d be with me, anyway, which isn’t too difficult to achieve.

As for me, blogging isn’t really my thing. There’s something about loudly announcing my plans, feelings and actions for the world to see that I don’t find appealing or particularly smart.

Maybe that’s just me, though.

Anybody who I want to contact me has my details, and everybody else… well, you people'll find a way, I'm sure.

Elaine, though I got my goodbyes out of the way before we went into the warehouse, I’ll state it again: thank you for everything.

She’s got one more post she wants me to put up. Emily’s already in more responsible hands than mine and, well, I’m off to do my own thing.

As for the research? Rich and I are still getting things together. Figure we’ll post it on the original blog. We’ll see. At any rate, neither of us’ll be around the blogosphere anymore.

I guess that’s the end of that. Best of luck. God knows we all need it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Lead

Only a few more days till the deadline, and we finally have a lead. Expect radio silence for the most part, there's a lot to be done now.
Hang in there, Em, we're on our way.

Friday, April 6, 2012


I really want to know how the crap people keep finding me! I'm not exactly light on the stealth. Though I guess these days all she'd need to do would be follow those police reports I mentioned...

In any case, I got a present today. Out in the middle of the street, in the middle of town. Ryuu found me. As I mention, I've no idea how. But she did. I didn't even recognize her until she was walking away-there is video of her on the blog, but it's been a while and I wasn't expecting her, of all people. Not after all the fighting between Mitch and I.
I suppose that's why she did show up, though. Walked right up to us in a parking lot, clutching Mitch's washer necklace. I whirled, shifting to get ready for a fight, but all she did was shift it in her hand to grab it by a specific one.
"You were wrong. On all counts." She told me quietly, handing me the necklace. I took it, noticing the dried blood remaining on the thing. When I looked up to ask what the fuck was going on, she shook her head. "I'm so sorry."
Ryuu then bolted, leaving me to shout. "I'm sorry too!" back after her.

After a lot of thought, I've put it on.  I can't do the same for my own kills, it would require a much longer chain and be heavy enough to probably cause issues. But it feels... right. Respectful, somehow. I mean. I hated Mitch for what she did to Star. For how she attacked me, even when I was trying to make some sort of peace. But probably most...
Mostly because her situation terrified me because I've never really been more than one bad day from where she is. All it would take would be one misstep, letting him have even the slightest foothold in my mind. And then I'd be stuck, just like Michelle.
We had so much in common. In our fight for independence, we lost so many people we cared about. I was always so scared of looking in the mirror to see what peered back at me. I fight so hard, I have been this whole time. To not just survive, just barely keeping out of slender's grasp, but to /live/. To regain what he's stolen, as Cam helped me to do, and reclaim my feelings, my personality, and to regain the ability to function like a real person.
But he calls. And he'll never, ever stop, and eventually he'll find a way in. And then it's only a matter of time. Watching Mitch and Spencer go down...
I can't deny that anymore.

I've arranged to give custody of Emily to a friend. Someone she already knows and adores. It's not safe for her to be with me, I was stupid to ever think otherwise.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sword guy wants me to tell you that he thinks it's funny that you fell into his trap. And that you only have two weeks. And a lot of other mean things that I think are just for me
Please find me, it's scary here and I keep going all funny and it's scary without you. I got one yesterday where I thought I was being run over by a bunch of horses. And my chest really hurt! I think I passed out again I dunno.

A Trap

We're still on Angmar's trail. He's surprisingly clever about keeping under the radar-we don't know he's been to a place until afterward, when we find the police reports of break-ins in abandoned houses or warehouses, sometimes stores...  And it's easy to tell when it's them-his habit of painting everything possible in a dizzying array of colors in at least one room... well, it's distinctive.
Em's color blind. Completely color blind. Well, with a kid as bright as her I guess it was inevitable for her to lose something else along the way. So the colors... if you paint the room all green, for example, it all looks the same, to her. Hard to see /anything/. It's just all gray. As she mentioned. Didn't take us long to figure that one out. What's perhaps cruel is the way he used lots of different colors to paint designs to confuse and disorient her.
I'm guessing he still has connections with other proxies, someone had to do all this painting and I doubt it was him.

Elliott and I... we've been watching his movements, tracking them, trying to figure out what his pattern is so that we can do more than just follow him-that won't do us any good as far as helping her. No luck so far. Starting to think he's just moving at random.
We've started checking out the places he kept her, looking for any clues at all.

But apparently that's what he was expecting. The police had already been in and out of this warehouse, we weren't expecting any surprises-if there was a trap, the cops would've already set it off.
That's what we /thought/, anyway
We thought wrong. Well, he was one of Star's.
When we were in the latest place, I opened the door to the closet he'd kept Em in(painted up in hellish patterns of red, floor to ceiling), and was greeted by a very large mallet swinging down from the ceiling and nailing me square in the chest. I went flying back into the wall, presumably smacking my head again as I was out for almost an hour-Elliott was in the process of calling in help when I woke up.

I'm fine now, for the record. My new freaky gifts seem to be taking pretty good care of me. Normally I'd be bothered, but right now I'm just glad to be able to keep going.