Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goodbyes are always so awkward.

Where do I begin?

I feel like I’ve become the bearer of bad news or something. My five or six posts here have been nothing but dealing with whatever it was Elaine currently couldn’t, and I guess now she really isn’t able to cover my ass.

That’s right. She’s dead.

Went down in a blaze of fucking glory, though, so good on her. Know what they say about mother bears and their cubs? Yeah, that’s a pretty solid analogy for what just went down. Think she might’ve  managed to get one of the guy’s balls at some point, and judging by the way he screamed I’m guessing Elaine brought more than just her favourite hunting knife with her.

Actually, I guess I’m not being entirely honest. This all went down earlier today, and after finally managing to (sort of) console Em and pass her off– hell, I’m not exactly taking this well myself – I'm off again.

Why post now, then? Well, I’d be damned if I could have managed a post that wasn’t shit, Elaine’s dead, Em’s safe, we’re in some unspecified location I’m not going to mention for fear of that crazy bastard Angmar destroying the warehouse he was holding Em hostage in followed by a few ramblings about I’m not a father what the fuck am I supposed to do with a kid.

Well, at least one of those issues has been sorted out: Em’s off to live with Ben. A permanent home’ll be good for her. Safe.  Safer than she’d be with me, anyway, which isn’t too difficult to achieve.

As for me, blogging isn’t really my thing. There’s something about loudly announcing my plans, feelings and actions for the world to see that I don’t find appealing or particularly smart.

Maybe that’s just me, though.

Anybody who I want to contact me has my details, and everybody else… well, you people'll find a way, I'm sure.

Elaine, though I got my goodbyes out of the way before we went into the warehouse, I’ll state it again: thank you for everything.

She’s got one more post she wants me to put up. Emily’s already in more responsible hands than mine and, well, I’m off to do my own thing.

As for the research? Rich and I are still getting things together. Figure we’ll post it on the original blog. We’ll see. At any rate, neither of us’ll be around the blogosphere anymore.

I guess that’s the end of that. Best of luck. God knows we all need it.


  1. Problem with a beautiful death is everyone involved gets burned. I hope Em will be okay.

  2. ...You know, it's funny. I always bitched about how much I hated her mothering of me.

    So, why do I suddenly feel like I've been orphaned again?

  3. Man, haven't spoken to her much lately but I never really worried much about something like THIS happening. Fuck. Despite the lack of communications and all my care for her never lessened. This is a great loss but she went out like a champ. All her work won't be for nothing. All my love, Elaine. See you over there sometime.

    GOD DAMMIT. The timing of this could NOT be worse.
    - B. L. Zebub

    I am willing to be the tiniest bit respectful and so the spam I promised will not be placed on this post but on the first post where you used the wrong name for that guy.

  6. I remove my hat to honor you Ms. Logan.

    And good riddance to that worthless cur who was never fit to serve him.

  7. Is anyone going to ask what actually happened?

    1. Mama Elaine fought the sword man so I could get out. He asploded the warehouse and she was still inside.

    2. Who got you out? Why did he set the warehouse on fire, little one? I mean, hell, are you okay?

    3. Elliott. And I think it was sword man, he was talking about bombs and switches and stuff.
      And I just lost another mother, what do you think? My body is fine

    4. I was asking because the "sword man" kept you for a long time, I was worried he was mistreating you.

    5. He wasn't so bad. Scared of Mama Elaine