Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to the Real World

Elaine made me promise to put something up. The police are still talking to her-I think they're trying to get her to agree to protective custody. Like that would have happened even BEFORE Slendershit made the existence of police a damn moot point. Elaine's a stubborn bitch and that's not likely to change for the police. 
She hates them. Don't think she's ever told you lot that. Can't say I blame her really, not knowing what I know now. She's not overly fond of military types for the same reason, but she seems to have made an exception for me, which I'm grateful for.

Right. Sorry. Distracted. Don't want to think about things but I have to and fuck if I'm not supposed to be trained to deal with this sort of thing. It's a bit different out in the battlefield versus on your couch, though. 

To really understand this, I'm going to have to tell you about the phone calls we've been getting this week. Elaine didn't say anything up here because she didn't want to worry people, and the call we got yesterday she wanted to keep from Cam for a little while for his sake. Wednesday morning, Anne called us and told us that someone had left a torn up stuffed cat on the doorstep. We thought-we HOPED it was just a stupid prank or someone trying to psych us out. We didn't hear anything Thursday, so we relaxed a little. Yesterday, however, Anne called us with the news that River had been killed and left on display. Not just killed, either, but skinned and tortured and... It was bad. Anne was hysterical telling us about it. She called the police and Elaine and I agreed to keep this from Cam until we were leaving so he could enjoy his vacation.
We agreed that it was probably a proxy, but that there was nothing we could do until we got home. We did warn Anne to stay away for her own safety, but apparently she didn't listen

Anne was in our apartment when we got home. It looks like she had been trying to clean up some of the blood for us. Whoever killed her  used that to their advantage. The bleach she'd been using had been poured all over her mutilated body. It was gruesome and detailed and I really wish I could've kept Cam from seeing.

Elaine called the cops, because as much as she dislikes them she's not stupid. And we've been at the police station for the past hour. They think this has something to do with her past and want us all to go into protective custody until they can catch the killer.  There's no real good way to tell them that they WON'T catch the killer, so we're left looking like stubborn idiots. Really, I'm okay with that, so long as we're alive. Elaine and I are going to fortify the crap out of the apartment. No one gets in without us knowing about it.

Here's hoping that'll last us until we can figure out what to do from here.



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  2. I just re-read the post and my previous comment doesn't cut it. Just holy crap. I'm so sorry you guys had to walk in on that kind of thing...

    Seriously, if any of you want to talk at all, whatsoever, I'm literally an email away.


  3. Joel, thank you. I'm trying to get Cam to email you. He needs to talk to someone, and I'm thinking he may do it a little easier right now with someone who wasn't there. All he's doing is huddling with Jake looking terrified.

    Prosper. I'm warned. I'm ready. Don't fuck with me.


  4. This makes me very glad I don't leave the house much. Poor Squinkey always sticks by my side too. I'm sorry about all that mess. Stay safe, guys.

  5. Dear me, a body. However did that get there?

    You really should clean up better, my dear. I do hope the carpet wasn't ruined! That would serve you right for letting your friend die like that. Oh well!

  6. MrStumblr, thanks.

    Rhodes, if I ever meet you, you're not walking away from said meeting. You're an asshole.


  7. The smallest, weakest dog has the loudest bark.

  8. Poor Anne. Jeez, why'd they even kill her?

  9. Okay Guys I respect what your doing but shit green on brown is hard to read