Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stealing the Account

Don't worry, I'm not a proxy or anything. This is Cam.
If you read Joel and Lucas' blog, you'll know by now that something happened. If not, then I guess I get to be the one to inform you that Elaine is in the hospital. Their Wolf came, hunted them down. We knew he was coming. The idiot has a blog. Elaine... well, she's Elaine. She taunted him. A lot. I didn't know about that, not until Joel told me.
Ffff... That makes one more thing she didn't bother to tell me. I know her well, about as well as anyone does, but  there's still so much that I didn't know... And she better wake up and talk to me.
She got a call, not long after we got to the hospital, from someone... I don't think she'd want me to tell who, considering how carefully she's been guarding the secret from all of us. But I just... I dunno. She knows my life story, she sits and reads and learns about all the rest of us, and none of us knows the first thing about her. She just... keeps reading and fighting for all of us, keeps trying to save us all.

Bah. That was not where I was trying to go with this. I just... Elaine's hit her head. Bad. The doctors say she'll probably be fine, but there's a chance that she has some fairly serious brain damage. There's even a chance she'll never wake up at all.

I don't know what to do. Until Jacob gets back, she's all I have. And even when he does, I can't tell him about... all of this. I don't want to risk the man I'm going to marry like that. I don't...
Elaine, wake up. Please. We need you.


  1. Well I do hope she's alright. She seemed like a bright woman.

  2. Jesus christ...

    I hope she wakes up too. I really, really do.

  3. Thank you, everyone.
    Last I was told before they sent me home, she's okay and probably won't need anything major, just rest.
    I'll make sure she knows you were cheering for her when she wakes up.

  4. Son of a bitch.

    Give her a hug for me. This is horrible. I'm glad to know she'll be alright.

  5. Well don't expect us to be going anywhere soon Cam. We're not going to vanish without a trace and leave you alone. She's tough, she'll be alright.


  6. Add my hugs to the list. So relieved that she'll be ok.

  7. She's awake, though under very close supervision. They're not liking that she was out so long.
    When the doctors give the okay, I'll see about letting her talk to you all-she's already started demanding I hand over the laptop. She says thanks to all of you, and to remind Shaun that she's too tough to go.
    And also something about teasing Nick that she has to survive until their date?
    I wasn't aware she had a date... Who's Nick?

  8. Oh my god thats wonderful news! I hope she gets better quickly. :D

  9. I'm Nick. It has to do with a shared dream which involved angels flipping bulldozers and insane psychopaths, with lots of alcohol.

    You really don't want to know.

    Please tell her that she's the only person I know who could make head bandages look sexy.

  10. ...That has got to be the strangest excuse for a date I've ever heard.
    She says to tell you that 'she'd make anything sexy for you, darling.'
    You two trade love notes on your own time, thanks.
    This is just too weird.

  11. Heh. Not fun taking a hit, eh? Glad to hear Elaine is doing alright, I was rather concerned. Was tempted to make a stop over your way when leaving here.

    Feel better, dears.
    Stay safe,

  12. I hope she did well with her head injury. I'm so glad it didn't hurt her permanently.