Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking Control

So, if anyone's reading this, I've been making an ass of myself. I let the panic get to me, and I've been flailing about like a chicken with it's head cut off.
No more.
As I think I've mentioned, I've been spending my spare time reading up on the blogs of those wiser and more experienced than I with the whole slendystalking thing. I'm absolutely in fucking awe of all of you. If I've caught up with your stuff, I've commented on your blog, you know who you are. There's a lot more of you I WANT to catch up with, I have like twenty tabs worth of blogs up to read.
A few things stick out to me.

Firstly, I'm ignoring that oh-so-ubiquitous advice and staying put. Cam is as well. This may not be the smartest move in general, but running requires resources I don't have. And also as I'm technically still under probation it'd be a bad idea to run off. I'd prefer to stay on the right side of the law as long as I can.

Otherwise, I'm trying to follow M's rules as much as possible.

Which brings me to my big point. The blogs that have most inspired me are those of Robert, Shaun, Maduin, Jekyll, Ava, Celie, and Scott. The ones who fight not just to survive, but to learn. Theoretically, this is my area. Sure. I'm a semester into my first year of college. I dropped out of high school. Despite my desire to be a scholarly type, mostly I'm just a bitch who got off the streets just in time.
But fuck if I'm not going to try to contribute something. Cam and I are not going down without a fight, and we're not going to go without contributing something to the cause.
I think I have an idea, but Cam is so adamantly opposed to it that he'd freak out on me if I even wrote the bloody thing down.
So for now, I'll head out. If anyone is actually reading this, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.
No, sorry, that's just stupid and needy. Goodnight everyone. I'll report back when we've got a plan finalized.


  1. all it fuckin takes is willpower, email me if you need to, i might need the company too

  2. Running around like headless chickens is something we've been doing since day one when we saw Him. It's a perfectly legitimate strategy. :3

    And yes, you do have people reading you.

    Keep safe.


  3. @Risk, thanks for talking with me. Way easier to have willpower when you have someone to talk to.

    @Lucas, thanks, but running around like a headless chicken will get me killed. I'm still rather attached to my organs, I don't want to be wearing them on the outside.

  4. True, I'd guess being turned inside out is pretty painful, if you want to get in contact with us then my email is on my profile.

    Just two tips though, wherever you're going, make sure you have a plan, give yourself an objective and keep a sense of humour, the latter will keep you feeling a little better, regardless of your current situation.


  5. And this is where you officially became a Fighter. It's amazing to 'go back in time' of sorts, and read all of these.