Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, I probably should have done this first, but in the general overload of information and fear, somehow I forgot the niceties and went straight to freaking out at the internet. Uhm, whups.
Hi, I'm Elane. I'm Twenty three years old, and a freshman in the college of my dreams, where I'm studying Folklore. Yes, I started late. This is because I made stupid decisions when I was younger and spent several years without any money to spare for food, much less college.
Urban Legends, ghost stories, and the like are my passions, though as I tend to stick to my specific corner of the internet, I'd only vaguely heard about Slendy before.
Then, about a week ago, I was walking home through the park across the street from my house (which is pretty heavily wooded), and I found a notebook. Specifically, one completely filled with random messages and sketches. Nothing I saw identified it to me, but it was interesting, so I took it home and showed it to my roommate.
Who suggested it might have to do with Slendy, because of the sketches of him that are spread throughout the thing.
I did some research. The thing is COVERED in Operator symbols, and a lot of the imagery and ranting are consistent with the notebooks from JAF, as well as the sketches that are referenced in pretty much every Slendyblog I've found so far. Silly me, I was excited. I thought it was a great chance to see an urban legend in action. I started reading up on the blogs, caught up on Marble Hornets, got really excited. But things were starting to happen. I didn't pay any attention at first, because I thought it was just paranoia. These tales are terrifying.
But The feeling of being watched just got worse and worse. And I couldn't quite convince myself it was safe to walk through the park. My roommate and I both started keeping the curtains tightly drawn. We didn't talk about it. It just felt safer. And all the same, if my cat hadn't started going mad at my bedroom window, I would have chalked it up to paranoia. I didn't dare open the blinds to peek.
But then last night I was at a party, and THEIR windows weren't completely covered. But I wouldn't look. Nothing on earth could have made me look. Until their speakers started buzzing. Not the speakers for the music, that were on and going. The ones in the back room where I was sitting talking with a couple friends. The ones that were attached to a computer THAT WAS TURNED OFF. They start buzzing,and the set up is right in front of a window that's only partially covered. I looked, without thinking. And there he was. Cam was there with me, and he saw too. We both slept on the couch there that night-nothing was going to make us go home in the dark with  him outside.
So, we're kind of fucked. And it's probably my fault that he's stuck with it too. I don't know what exactly I'm hoping for, posting this. Maybe commiseration? Maybe just someplace to swear the air blue where Cam doesn't have to deal with my freakouts? Maybe I just have to have SOMEPLACE to say things, otherwise I'll go mad.
In any case, if anyone's reading this that has any advice to offer? It would be much appreciated.


  1. Welcome to the madness, Elaine.

    Prepare to run when things get bad.

  2. Thank you.
    And I know we probably will have to eventually. But for now we're going to try and hold out, buy ourselves time to prepare.

  3. Have I ever mentioned the fact that electronics freak out around the supernatural? It's actually fairly common.

    On another note, I'll listen to your freak outs. Just don't get mad at me for posting anymore. :)