Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Notebook

There's something like forty pages, so I'm going to go ahead and link you to the album with ALL the pictures real quick, instead of putting them ALL on here and making the page take forever to load. Here is the link.

And here are the especially interesting pages, as far as I can tell. I think Blogger got them out of order, but I don't know that it matters much.

These four are interesting. I Googled the captions on them, and as it turns out, they're all Tarot cards. I'm doing a bit of research on their meanings, but if anyone knows more about them, I think the subtleties are a bit lost on me. Kay? If you're watching, any input?
ETA: The captions are Death-13, The Hanged Man-12, 16-The Tower, and The Moon-18

Could be nothing, but I wonder what's crossed out.
They have the modified Operator Symbol Ava found in Egypt. Not sure whether that means she was on to something or just that whoever this was read her blog, but it's interesting either way.

Seems to suggest that as Tall, Dark, and Ugly wants this person, they can't die. I'm not sure how visible it is, but under 'can't' the word 'tried' is crossed out. The implications are interesting, and unsettling

Aimee, this is the page with all the codes. The one at the top left is written vertically, it says 'Oh dear I'm so fucked I need to fight'. I'm not sure what the rest is, except for the vertical column on the bottom left. That's written Marble Hornets style 'I think I'm hallowed now'

These three are the strongest evidence in here for my Narrative theory. They're a bit hard to read, so in case you can't tell, the first one, the right hand page says 'Beware the Teller of Tales' and 'He who tells the story runs the world'. The second says 'The Writer always wins, even when zi loses'. Cam says Zi is a gender neutral pronoun. The third one says 'Find the story Before it's too late I've done all I can' Which is interesting because it implies perhaps a concrete object that can be found and manipulated.

Who do we know that wears a red hoodie? Again, not sure if this means the author MET Redlight or merely read of him, but interesting either way. Of course, it's possible that this refers to someone else entirely and I'm barking up the wrong tree...

I feel like all of this means something, I'm just not sure WHAT it means. My brain is fried from work, I'll put this up and get to the heavy speculating later. Anyone who has any input at all, please speak up. Seriously.


  1. If I drew all four of those cards in a spread, I would have serious concerns about the person I was doing to reading for killing themselves at some point in the near future. Those four together would indicate someone going through pure emotional hell. Unfortunately without it being a real spread and knowing placements of the cards its a little hard to make any other judgments about them as a group. Taking each one as a separate entity however:

    Death normally does not usually mean death in the literal sense (although there are occasional exceptions), in fact it's one of my favorite cards because it stands for the end of something important in your life. This may not like a good thing, but for every ending, there is a new beginning and on the whole the Death card usually stands for the beginning of something positive unless other cards around it change things.

    The Hanged Man much like Death is not always a bad card despite the ominous name. It usually represents a person that has no control over their current situation and is at a point where where they need to let go of the past and start over. Unfortunately it can also reflect feelings of hopelessness because of the lack of control.

    The Tower is chaos, things falling apart, being destroyed. Again this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes things have to fall apart in order to be rebuilt stronger and better then before, like bad relationship ending, or perhaps getting fired from one's job only to get hired somewhere better. No matter how good or bad the outcome is though, the Tower is never an easy card to get through.

    The Moon stands for emotional unsettlement. The outcome of the unsettled feelings may be good or bad. Creativity, intuition, mental illness, and fear are all things that this card may refer to. As a very special note concerning our mutual stalker, the Moon is the card most often associated with dreams and nightmares.

    I am absolutely exhausted and hope that all that made sense. It makes sense in my own brain, I swear.

    Also if you want, every one of those cards has a separate meaning if they show up in a spread upside down. Since all of the pictures were drawn right side up, I am assuming for the moment that you don't need the reversed meanings.

  2. Thanks! That's VERY helpful. Just to clarify, though, Hanged Man is supposed to be hung by his foot? That seems strange.
    Admittedly, my only exposure to any religion or spirituality at all was being dragged to church for christmas and easter as a little kid, so I'm a bit lost with all of this.

  3. He is almost always hung by his foot which was actually a way of punishing traitors in Italy once upon a time. Most decks use the single foot for the Hanged Man. I have seen both feet used, but that is definitely an oddity and not the norm.

  4. Ah. That makes sense. Thank you so much for your help.

  5. Ooh, pigpen code. I haven't seen that since elementary school. (It's the one with all the angular symbols and dots.) I think the other ones are simple pictoral code - which is probably "I know what this means", though I can't tell for sure what's after the W - and what's hopefully a Caesar shift cypher, although it could be any number of other things. The page looks like it'll make a lot more sense once the whole thing's decoded.

    I'm working on solving them as I type. I'm also taking a look at everything else in the notebook. From just the cover and the bathroom sign (which made me do a double-take), and depending on the size of the community you live in, it's probably safe to say that whoever owns the notebook is a girl.

    Sorry if anything sounds like gibberish to you or is long-winded. I'm excited.

  6. No, thanks, Aimee. That's really helpful.
    I'm kind of hopeless with codes, so thank you SO much. Let me know what you find.
    There's really no telling if the person who drew on the sign and the person who drew the notebook are the same person. I found it randomly a couple days ago. I live in a good sized college town, and the sign was on campus, so there's a good chance it's someone completely different. Also, is it just me, but is there two different types of handwriting in there?

  7. It's not just you; the writer herself comments on it around page 15 (the filenames and titles were inconsistent, sorry) where she's keeping a time log (probably got the idea from Jekyll or Ava). There's also apparently someone named "Adam" that she knew who He took, and presumably killed. There's also blood on the page. It's troublesome stuff.

    The pigpen says "I'm thinking in code", which is pretty damn self-referencing. Still not sure about the letters at the bottom or the weird bit with both letters and numbers (that isn't hex), but after looking at the picture after the W for a while I realized it was a hat, which means what I told you earlier was right.

    So that makes it:
    "Oh dear I'm so fucked I need to fight"
    "I'm thinking in code"
    "I know what this means"
    "I think I'm hallowed now"
    And two others I haven't figured out yet. Also, does the picture near the bottom-right of that page look like anything to you? I can't quite figure it out.

  8. In that time log, she mentions walking Adam-maybe Adam is a dog? I can't think of another reason she'd phrase it as walking him instead of walking with him. Plus the fact that it's lumped in with morning activities.

    I'd forgotten that she mentioned that. I had to go back and check, which was when I noticed the above.

    If that picture is a hat, the picture at the bottom looks like an upside down hat? Strangely, my first thought is for a common swear around here- balls in a hat. But that seems maybe a little silly for the page.

  9. The part with the numbers and letters just uses the numbers to look like letters. "or I will be soon" is what it says. I think its meant to come after the "I think I'm hallowed now"

  10. Heh, thanks, Shadiey! So now it's just the bit at the bottom right. I can't make anything of it. Hopefully Aimee has more luck.

  11. As for the hat, if it is a hat and not a tunnel, or a table, it's difficult to tell. The only symbolism I could find about it was stage magic. As in pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

    I tried ceasar shifting the bottom letters. Nothing. They have me stumped, I might pass this page onto a couple of others know. This might focus me a little.

  12. I don't know if this matters but did anyone else notice one of the N's is backwards?

  13. @Lucas, thanks for giving it a go. Let me know if they find anything.

    @Shadiey really? I hadn't noticed that. That's interesting.

  14. Did you ever find out what was crossed out?