Friday, June 24, 2011

In Which We Have Houseguests

Lucas and Joel are here, safe and sound. For those of you who haven't been following, this is quite a relief, as the two of them have been stuck in some strange Labyrinth-esque cottage of doom, and the escape put Joel in a coma. I was concerned they'd never make it out, much less over here to sit on our couch and talk about the relative merits of British versus American TV.

I would still be talking to them instead of updating the blog, but honestly the conversation has devolved into a discussion of movies and hot actors, neither of which are exactly my cups of tea.
So, I'm off to the side with Cam's laptop. We figure we should let everyone know we're all safe, anyway.

We picked them up at the airport somewhere around four hours ago. In that time, we have all discovered that yes, we do get along just as well in real life as we do on the internet. Which is good to know, really, considering I'd hate to have to kick them out if they were twats.

Yes. Fine. I probably deserved that, guys. Yeah. Cam just smacked me and told me I'd do no such thing. He's right, too.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. We brought them back to our place right off. Tonight, the plan was to stay in and treat them to the best/worst of American life.
We had Cam's homemade burgers and fries, as well as an apple pie he'd somehow found the time to bake from scratch. We treated them to trashy American TV and I think the boys are talking about booting up Super Smash Bros.
It's really outrageously middle-class American, and utterly ridiculous in the face of everything.

But that's good. They needed this. All three of them, but especially Joel and Lucas. They've had enough on their plates lately. I'm glad we can give them a night to just enjoy themselves again. We can start on the work in the morning.


  1. For the record, John Barrowman. <3


  2. Well, I do love Torchwood. I guess I can't say anything about that one.

  3. Embrace the ridiculous in the face of everything. It will keep you all sane. Or at least balanced in the face of everything.

    It's a pleasure meeting you, Elaine. Howdy. Keep it together, all of you. ;D

  4. Hehe, thanks.
    Nice to meet you too. Didn't expect a northerner like you to be saying howdy, but howdy right back at you.
    We're doing a pretty good job keeping it together, so far, what with having today for fun. Lets see how well it holds up when we start work on what all I've picked up from my research in the morning.

  5. We all need time to just float on the surface.

    Enjoy the time, while you can.

    It warms my soul like little else does to see people like you at peace.

  6. Uhm. Thank you?

    It's always nice to see a polite Agent/Proxy/whatever you are.

  7. Bah, you know me. I've got too much to do to get into any trouble. We'll be fine.

  8. The Mad Ventriloquist has just found Elaine's blog. It is nice to meet her. He wishes her luck, as well as Lucas and Joel, who The Mad Ventriloquist has already met.

    The Mad Ventriloquist watches a lot of soap operas. But he believes those are sort of bad no matter what country they come from.

  9. Thanks. And yes, soap operas are always bad.

  10. Trying to figure shit out in the middle of everything is... fun. >_>

    I'm glad everyone got the chance to relax for a while.