Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, I mentioned in my mission statement post that I had an experiment going on that I couldn't talk about, due to the rule of the Unspoken Plan.
Well, now it's done, and I can talk about it. As much as I hesitate to discuss this in such cold scientific terms. If I'd had another option, I would not have chosen to do this like this.

Lucas and Joel, from This Is Not A Blog, were in a crapload of trouble. They were being held in an illusory house, under guard from Tall, Dark, and Faceless himself. We don't know why, nor do we know why the fuck they were allowed internet access from within the illusion.
When I found them, they'd found a way to get out of the illusion, but not a way to get out  and away from TDF. So, I approached them with an idea, because they had none, and there was no telling how long they'd be allowed to live.
I suggested they try Positive Thinking. I told them to be as happy as they possibly could whilst making a run for it. I told them I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, but that it was something I thought had a good chance of working. They agreed to try it.
Lucas has since gotten in touch with me. They did get out and away, but Joel's in a coma due to injuries sustained during the escape.

So, a partial success, or did my advice only hinder them, somehow? Was the whole experiment a failure because TDF already knew the plan? They were in an illusion of his making.

I would never have let them field test this if I hadn't thought it might be the only option left. So, I'm glad Lucas is safe, and I hope Joel wakes up soon. I'm not letting anyone else test my theories from now on. Data collecting issues aside, the guilt is terrible.

For those of you waiting for notebook pictures, they're uploaded, and I have observations ready on the first batch. Look for them tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry that we caused you such guilt. If it wasn't for you we'd probably be either still in there, dead, or worse...

    Just know that I'm personally still willing to test things, it's better than running and not contributing, though I'll have to ask Joel when he wakes up.


  2. Oh, hon. Don't apologize. I'm glad I could help. I'm just not sure I should keep letting other people test things that might get them killed.

  3. Happiness is key...the way i see it you just gave em some damned good advice. :) take care. how are you and cam holding up?


  4. Thanks. It actually means a lot to hear that from you.
    Cam and I are doing reasonably well.
    Okay, Cam's been flipping twenty kinds of shit. He's got some hard decisions to make that aren't really my place to post out here for the world to see. But we're alive, and as safe as we can be under the circumstances.

    Oh. Cam says to tell you he's fine, and thanks for helping us out.

  5. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...