Sunday, July 24, 2011

He's here he's here he's here.
I haven't seen the bastard in ten years and he's here he found me how did he find me I changed my name I changed everything HOW DID HE FIND US.

Cam's dead. In bed. Covered in blood. I saw. Jake.. I don't know where. Had to hide. Hiding. Can't make a sound can't scream can't breathe above a whisper if he finds me I'm done ogodogodogod

Nononononono. I've changed I dont Imnot noplease leave. Youkilled Cam, my friend, my best friend, you kiled him and all he did was be my friend

Okay. I don't know if he'll find me, but I refuse to let what might be my last post be just mad ramblings. I'm better than that.

I'm sorry I lied, Shady. It's him, of course it is. I was there too. I didn't know you that well, but well enough apparently. If I survive this, I can give you some answers.

Jake, if you're alive I'm sorry. Cam's dead because of me.

Nick. I wish we'd had more time. We were amazing. If I get out of this... well, I don't really have anything I'd change.  I just want more of what we have. Maybe that's greedy, but it's been a long time since it was that easy to smile.

Shaun. I'm glad you're alive. Wish I wasn't about to die immediately after, but that's how shit goes sometimes, I guess. Thank you for everything.

Konaa, I'm sorry about your family. We both lost people important to us tonight, and if I survive this, we'll both be running. Hang tight. You've still got us. We'll help you if you let us.

Lucas, Joel, thank you for believing in me before everyone else did. I'm so glad I could help you.

There's a lot I would tell you if I were slightly more sure I was going to die. As it stands, I think I have about a fifty fifty shot. I'm just sitting here, hiding, waiting, hoping he goes. Or maybe I'm lying, and I'm running. I could be halfway across town by now, Prosper, and you'd never know. I could be anywhere. You lost the element of surprise. Leave me alone.

Guys, I honestly don't know if I'm going to make it through this. This is the first time since... well, since things I don't want to discuss, that I haven't been sure if I would make it. If I'm not back here posting sometime within the next 24 hours, I'm probably dead. If not, I'll see you then and fill you in a little more on what's happened.


  1. ...what the fuck...


  2. Oh - oh god.

    Elaine. Elaine, where are you? I'm coming after you and you're staying at the House.

    Be there soon. Please hold on. Jesus Rollerblading Christ. Please, please, please be okay.

  3. @Rhodes

    You're a real piece of work. I'd chew you out right now but I think Spencer will personally want to do that himself when he gets back.

  4. Oh shit. Elaine, I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. I know you hate me and don't want to hear that, but stay strong. We're with you.

  5. Dammit! Elaine, be careful. If you need anything, ask.

  6. Rhodes, go to hell.

    August, email me. I don't know that you can get here in time to do any good, but it's not like I can stay here now anyway.

    MrStumblr, thanks

    James, thank you. I don't need anything. Other than some blind luck.

    I'm still just hiding, waiting to see if he can find me. He was never very observant back before. I doubt it's changed much.


  7. It's him, isn't it? Your last blog post... His post... There is more connected than I can remember, isn't there? Your lies, you knew me once? Before all of this? I can forgive you for lying because I can understand why you lied.

    But if you die now I will never forgive you. Survive, adapt to him, whoever Prosper really is.

    I am so sorry for Cam and Jake... Please live, Elaine.

  8. What? Cam is dead... WHAT... No. That is... Not. What? I was supposed to... Who did this?

  9. FUCK! I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.

    Listen to us when we say this. You WILL make it. You are GODDAMN GOING TO MAKE IT. You hear us?

    You are going to make it. I swear. Both of us do.

    -Joel and Lucas

  10. Shady, yeah. I was there at the asylum with you. I didn't realize till you mentioned the tattoos... That's why I quizzed you. What were the odds of two orderlies at two asylums in Jersey having the same tattoos?
    I'm not... I've done all I can for now. I just have to wait.

    Star... Prosper.

    Lucas and Joel. Thanks. I hope you're right.

  11. If you ever need anything

    my door is open you know how to reach me.

  12. Where are you? What is going on?

    I'm coming back to Texas, and all hell is coming with me. I don't know what exactly happened back then, but I'm not leaving you to face this alone.

  13. I'm sorry for your loss, Elaine. And Jake too. I know that doesn't help much.

    I hope you make it.

  14. My prayers are with you, Elaine.
    I can't do more than that right now. Stay safe and hold strong, though.

  15. Maurice, thank you.

    Nick... I already talked to you on the phone, but thank you. Once I can get the officers to fuck off for me to talk to you with some semblance of privacy, I'll see about calling you again...

    Everyone, thank you. I'm alright. There's a new post up.


  16. Who found you after all that time?