Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Wing

Apparently I've hit the time limit on being allowed to relax, though I guess some of this, at least, is my fault. 

To start with the first thing, I guess, I woke up way early this morning to go try something I've been wanting to attempt since I first started making plans to come to the house. It was potentially life threatening, reckless, stupid, and insane, but since when has that ever stopped me?

So I woke up and slipped through a certain set of doors into the East Wing in the early morning hours. For those of you who don't read their blog, it has been described as a nightmare zone with twisting, changing corridors and apparently some kind of supernatural effect on people even outside of it. Now, Slendershit aside, I'm not exactly a big believer in the supernatural, but I figured there had to be something.
I don't know what I expected, after the crazy stories that have been told about it. What I definitely didn't expect was what I found. A couple of long, dusty corridors. A lot of empty rooms. Nothing at all of interest. I don't fucking get it.
The place is supposed to be nightmare inducing... not sneeze inducing. I kept looking, I checked every fucking room, looking for something that would explain it. I didn't find anything, but Spencer found me. He seemed amused, which pissed me right the fuck off. By the time he showed up, I'd worked myself up about it, I guess, because for a moment I thought I actually saw something. But it went away quickly and upon reflection it wasn't even the same sort of hallucination that people tend to associate with the Wing.

Spence wouldn't tell me shit, and so when he left I went to talk to August. The kid tried his best to be helpful, and it's clear he really believed what he was telling me, but... that shit doesn't just happen. I'm finding it more likely that there was a gas leak or something that Spencer fixed recently. Because hallways don't just move around. So that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Sorry guys. I know you all believe this, but... you realize how insane it is, right?

In other news, it turns out my security measures for Shrody didn't even last a full day. I'm... I'm going to try and find her, try and save her, but she was taken from an airport. She could be anywhere by now... By the time I find her it may be too late, and I unfortunately have a promise to keep that means if I haven't found her within the next few days I may not be able to.
More on that promise when it's safe to discuss.

I should head out again, I think I may have offended August a little by not believing him, I should go apologize...


  1. I was about to ask about what if you went in a second time? But then, well, I finished reading. Go rescue Schrody, I know you can do it.

  2. 'Slendershit aside, I'm not exactly a big believer in the supernatural...'

    ...elaine how the fuck does this even work? xD

    anyway, go find schrody. if anyone can do it, its you. i believe in you.

  3. SR: I think she's talking about the fact that she's accepted that Slendy exists because of all the shit that happened, but other supernatural stuff simply hasn't.

  4. Maybe the effect has more to do with Spencer than the wing itself?

  5. Lucas thank you. And you're exactly right.

    Shaun. Slendy is one thing. A fucking building that makes like Hogwarts and shifts and changes while you're in it? That's a bit of a different matter.

    Mystery, I'm still just not buying it

  6. But what of the sages, Madame?

    They have Magik or whatever they call it these days, DO They not?

  7. ... for the sake of not causing debate I'm going to say that I'm a lot more inclined to believe in strange things in other worlds than in this one.

  8. You say you saw something though~Try again and see if perhaps the same 'vision' comes back?
    You just never know with these otherworldy type things...

  9. ... Zia, it was just shadows. I've seen weird shadows around in the main part of the house too. Must be something to do with the lighting around here.

  10. ... Right. Shadows. We'll go with that. :3

  11. Dammit Spence, don't you fucking start. Don't make me come over there and-actually, fuck it. Totally going over there and distracting you.

  12. Aaaaachoo! Oh. Wait. I shouldn't have hinted at the stalking. ;)