Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Exactly Civil...

But interesting. David came over today. He disguised himself as the grocery delivery guy and got into the house helping us carry the groceries. Ro wasn't kidding in his last post, he had like no food in the house. I'm guessing he mostly lives off of delivery food.
In any event. it's not until David slipped up and used Ro's real name that I could confirm that there was something strange-though I still can't shake the oddest feeling that I'd seen him before. Ro got up and saw David, David proceeded to be charming while threatening all of us. I get the feeling he's rather good at that.

I don't have the memory to recall the exact conversation, I was too busy watching the knife he had out and pressed against Shrody's cheek at that point. That was not something I was going to let stand. I pulled my knives and made it clear that he'd have to go through me to get to her-or at least tried. Ro slammed David away before I got the chance. Unfortunately, he didn't last long in the fight afterward-David had him pinned rather quickly.
The two of them have... interesting chemistry. I almost wonder what would've happened if I hadn't stepped in. I mean. Sorry, Ro, but fuck you two were going at it with your eyes. I mean, really.

Okay, shutting up now.

Right. So. I managed to say the right thing to get David interested in fighting me, thereby allowing Ro to get Shrody the fuck out of there. It was a good fight-David really knows what he's doing. I now have a nice stab wound in my left shoulder, again, and he has a lovely gash across his torso that will probably leave a serious scar.

After that, he seemed to respect me a little more. He said he'd go if I sat down and talked to him for a minute, so I did, being careful not to bleed on Ro's furniture. Strangely, he was perfectly pleasant, didn't seem to be bothered either by the rather energetic fight or by the fact that he was bleeding pretty heavily.

While we talked, I figured out just how much of a fucking bastard David really is. Two things were readily apparent. If David cares about anything in this world, it's Ro, and everyone else doesn't matter. People aren't people to him, they're objects. Things to be used and toyed with and disposed of when convenient. I was kind of surprised he spoke to me as respectfully as he did-though upon reflection, I'm expecting it's because I injured him. He seemed rather impressed by that. He even said he'd come to see me again-and NOT try and kill me-if it left a scar. Not quite sure how I feel about that...

David wanted me to defame Ro. He wanted me to blame my injury on him, to come on this blog and talk about how he was secretly a terrible person, to make people step away and stop encouraging him to be a hero. His rationale was that Ronan's search for redemption was making him miserable, and that if everyone stopped encouraging him to go for it, he'd come back to David and be happy.
Which is kind of sick.
I told him to fuck off, that I wouldn't let him hurt people I care about. He warned me that if I wouldn't help him separate Ro from all of you that he'd do it in a bit more violent way. So be warned, any of you that spend much time talking to TMV. David's coming, and I have no doubt that he will follow through with that threat. Be careful.

David phrased it as 'pitting my love against yours.' I found that rather amusing, but more or less accurate. I won't let David get away with hurting any of you.


  1. Good to know you're all right.

    If you're reading this, David- you can TRY to sever me from ole TMV. But I happen to like the guy, so...good luck.

  2. It seems David
    gives lovers
    like myself
    a bad name.

    The Big Bad Wolf

  3. Ah what a horrible way of doing things. Even I differentiate people from things.

    Shame really.

    I am happy you and the other two are alright though. I can only hope TMV will be alright...

  4. So this is your blog. Good to know.

    And Konaa, is that a challenge?

  5. Konaa, shut up. Thank you for your concern, thank you for showing solidarity, but I've fought David, and he's better than you'll be for quite a while.

    Joel, that he does. But you've been doing a good job of that yourself lately.

    Mistletoe, thanks. I'm doing what I can for Ro.

    David, go fuck yourself. Stay the fuck away from Konaa.

  6. ....
    ......... you were hurt?
    Is it still aching? Have you got yourself taken care of? Is it deep, does it injure muscle?
    ... alright. If and when you finally end up here, I'm going to have Doc look at that for you. She's a bit of a nut, but hey; woman works miracles.

    So much for keeping out of trouble, right?
    Then again, who DOES keep out of trouble these days?

  7. Is...is that what they teach you all these days? Spend some time with a woman with identity problems (who's, you know, working for the Slender Man), and then spend the night with a man whose allegiance to or against the Slender Man is still potentially up in the air, who, might I add, quite frequently has a houseguest who DOES, in fact, work for the Slender Man?

    Okay, how the fuck are so many of you still alive? So combat skills saved you and everyone else this time. What about next time when you're not around, you're jumped, or he brings friends? I've gotta give you all this much, though: you're all the luckiest bastards I've ever seen.

    Good Lord, I've seen Jay make more sensible decisions than this.


  8. Elaine- piss off. If you expect me to cower behind your skirt my whole damn life you've got another thing coming.

    I'm through hiding.

    David- at the moment, Nick would probably intervene if you attacked. So I'd wait a bit if I were you. Wanna keep it fair, don't we?

  9. Spence, it't a stab to the shoulder. Of course it still hurts, I patched it up myself, and of course it's deep, David doesn't do things by half. I definitely wouldn't mind Doc taking a look at it. I'm good at field medicine, but with shit like this there's only so much you can do without training.
    I kept Shrody and Ro safe, though, and one stab wound definitely isn't too high a price to pay. I'll just be right handed for a week or so.

    Jekyll, fuck off. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes, and why the fuck should I tell some random asshole. Fuck off. I have good reasons for what I'm doing.

    Konaa, dammit boy I'm just trying to fucking help you.

    Okay okay. I just. I'm happy you're alright. I know you can handle yourself, Elaine, but I still freak out every time this happens!

    I'm just happy you're all alright. Heal up good alright?

  11. Hylo, thank you. I'm fine, we're all fine. Please stop worrying. I'll heal up just fine. Wouldn't be the first time I've gotten stabbed in the shoulder, and it won't be the last.

  12. Well no, I guess I don't know what's going on behind the scenes. But if it's enough that you're perfectly safe hanging out with people working for the Slender Man, then these secrets had better either be brought to light. If you're gonna keep them, that's fine, too. But if you're going to keep your secrets...well, then I guess I shouldn't be ranting at you. No, I should be ranting at anyone stupid enough to trust you.


    Many, many apologies for Jekyll's intense case of paranoia. There certainly is strength in numbers, and if you feel that these people are people you can trust...well, I certainly hope for your own well-being that you're one of the women who possesses that wonderful fabled intuition.


  13. It doesn't seem easy to fight the slenderman AND have troubles with your companions. It must have been hard. I never was to good at social interactions, I've always been shy but I masked it by acting with fake confidence.

    Anyways, good luck.

  14. @Jekyll: I know, kids these days, right? They think that just because they have magical shoulders, they can throw caution to the wind and run off on their crazy adventures!

    Why, in mah day, we were too busy sleeping alone on rooftops and scribbling in notebooks to even think about chilling with Slendy's minions! And we was better for it! Taught us real American values, it did!

  15. Jek, Omega, I'm not fucking staying in these places for my own health, alright? Though Ronan is perfectly safe and NOT aligned with Slendershit, that I can promise you.
    I'm doing research, you idiots, and more than that I really shouldn't say.
    Jek, since when are people not allowed to have fucking secrets?

    Travis, thanks.

  16. See? Talking back to her elders! Why, when I was a whippersnapper, we respected what our elders said! That's what this generation is lacking, respect! When the Slendercommies take over America, we'll know what to blame!

  17. ...There are just no words. No fucking words.

  18. Oh, piss off Omega. There's a time and place for jokes. This isn't it.

  19. Wow. Um. I'm glad you're all alright.

  20. So much criticism. It is hard, the life of an entertainer.