Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me?

I'm not entirely sure how, but August found out that yesterday was my birthday. I'm twenty four. I didn't much feel like celebrating.

I'd honestly hoped I could get by without people knowing. The only people other than me who should have known were Cam and Jake, and they're not exactly around to tell people about it. I don't... Cam always made a big deal about it. Every year, no matter where I was, where he was, he'd make sure to do everything he could to make my birthday special. Even when he didn't know where I was, he'd call me and keep me on the phone for hours, talking to me and trying to brighten my day. I... My birthday was always the day I spent with him. So, I kind of hoped to forget it this year.

But. August threw a party. And it was all of us here at the house, and there was enough food to feed a family for a week and he was just so pleased with it. I couldn't say no. And it... it almost felt nice. Even with Doc drinking two feet from me and making me ache with the need for a glass. Because it almost felt like being part of a family again.

Of course, it didn't last. We hadn't even gotten past August's appetizers when Spencer bolted. I followed. We both saw something. I... I don't want to talk about it.

August, I'm sorry we ruined your dinner. It was delicious, I just...
I need to be alone for a while. You know where to find me if you need me.


  1. Well, happy birthday. As for what you saw, I'm not sure. Good luck with whatever it is.


  2. You didn't ruin anything, Elaine. If anything, I shouldn't have bothered; I had a feeling things would go south and I just... I should have known. I shouldn't have bothered. It's always something with us.

    There's still cake in the fridge if you want it. Red velvet. Cam once mentioned how much you like it and... well, have a taste.

    It couldn't hurt, right?

  3. Lucas, thanks.

    August, I'm sorry, it was wonderful, thank you so much.
    The cake sounds amazing. I'll be out in a few. Will you be around?

  4. Really, please don't think anything of it. It's what I do.

    I'll be in the kitchen if you want to talk.

  5. Happy bday! Maybe it wasn't a great day, but at least you were safe for it and nothing horrible happened.

  6. Huh, you and Michelle have the same birthday.

    Happy birthday to both of you then. From both of us. ^_^

  7. Really? Strange.
    Thanks, Ryuu.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY. I killed a random pedestrian in your honor.

  9. Well compared to that my birthday wishes just seem kind of lame.

    Stay alive, Elaine. I'll really be pissed if you die on me after all your harping and getting up in my business.

  10. Happy Birthday. Shoot, I probably should give you a present. Lets see.

    I'll write a poem.

    Happy Birthday to August's friend Elaine
    Who seems like a very sweet chick.
    Who despite all the odds, and psychotic morons
    Slender's ass she still manages to kick.

    That kind of rhymed...

    Anne says happy birthday too. May the next one bring a bigger party and hopefully a much better poem.

  11. Star... don't start. Not today

    Konaa, thanks. I'll do my very best not to die. Just for you.

    Rabbit... thanks.

  12. Well, I'm about two hours late. Sorry.
    Happy Birthday Elaine.
    One more year to ram down the skinny bastard's non-extant throat.
    Hopefully many less slender years to come.

  13. Scratch that. I love time zones. Seems I'm just in time.

  14. Heh, my birthday was the 28th, Nemo. Sunday. I posted that the day after. Sorry for the confusion.

  15. Happy Birthday bitch.
    You won't live to see the next one.


  16. ...

    Hi Jake...

    How have you been? o.o

  17. -cue dramatic music-

    Elaine, I know this isn't a happy birthday comment... but you might really, really want to change your password. And the locks.

  18. Happy Birthday, Elaine, even though it appears the celebration was cut short by an unhappy sort of event.

    And....It appears your account has been...hacked. Yet another late wish from one who doesn't wish you well.

  19. Maybe Jake was on His side to start with and betrayed Elaine and his own husband.

    Or maybe he just blames her for Cam's death.

    Either one is bad for Elaine. Second is better though. Might be fixable without any more dying.

    Holy fucking hell

    Jake. Just. Calm your shit. Get in touch with me. You know my email, you know my number, drop me a line.

    Dia, I don't live in our apartment anymore, I don't think Jake can get into the House.

    Zia, thank you.

    Atalanta, I'm inclined to think the second, because I can't see him willingly working for someone who hurt Cam.

  21. Aaugh I'm sorry your birthday was interrupted.

    I do hope the next is a good one though~

    Happy birthday all the same.

  22. Ughh! Birthdays are supposed to be happy occasion. Dumb Hacker. I hope he falls in a hole on his birthday. He deserves it after being mean to you on yours.