Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hopefully This Works

Shrody's gone. I put her on a plane this morning. I took some time last night to get her an apartment and a bank account somewhere far away from me and New York and anyone who knows to wish her harm. I don't expect that alone to keep her safe forever, but it should buy her some time in safety. If proxies come calling, she knows how to reach me, and I'll get her out of there.
For now... I'm about to attempt something insanely dangerous and probably pretty stupid. I'd prefer to keep the people I put at risk here to a minimum.
I realize that's perhaps a little ironic since I'm staying in a place with more people in it than I've interacted with since the wedding. But the point stands. Even though I will miss her and Frank both.

Also. MrStumblr died. He didn't exactly have a whole lot of people he talked to, but we've interacted a lot. I... I wasn't exactly easy on him, he had done some bad shit, but apparently he thought I hated him. 
He... He left Spence a delivery request. The bastard thought he was about to die, and what are the two things he tries to do? Leave his girlfriend his money and send me a fucking apology bouquet.
I am starting to think I may be even more of a cunt than I previously thought.

On a happier note, the worst of the withdrawals is done. I'm back in business, bitches!

Also, the House is great. Shrody found it unsettling, but for whatever reason I'm really comfortable here. Not entirely certain if that's a good thing or not...
In any event. I'm going to finally catch back up on my sleep, I think. Expect me to be perhaps a little scarce over the next couple days. 


  1. Wonderful to hear, Elaine!

    I hope Schrody's alright but I'm happy to hear you're a-okay!

  2. I'm splendid, dear. And thank you, Elaine. Don't you worry about me.

  3. You're telling me I missed her? Aww. Schrody, you'll have to stop by again sometime when you're in the area.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your time at the House, Elaine. Dinner is whatever you'd like tonight; name a dish, any dish!

    Any luck with that key, by the way?

  4. Hylo, thanks. It's good to be back to normal.

    Em, I'm glad to hear it. Please keep in touch.

    August, that sounds amazing. Consider me looking for you as soon as this goes up.

  5. broken and sick. why must you continue to RESIST what is rightfully yours beautiful CHILD? open your EYES and stop this senseless weakness.


  6. Run run run as fast as you can...he'll still catch us. He's the Ebony Man.

  7. ... What the fucking fuck? Someone's been watching too much Marble Hornets.

    Of course he will, KK. But I'm working on buying her time.

  8. Buying her time by selling your own? Guess it's better than my plan.

  9. you must deny your WORLD for what is inside you beautiful CHILD. the truth will not wait for he is MANY.