Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Alternate Point of View

I didn't hack the blog. For those of you who have actually read this whole account you'll know that I have the password because Cam gave it to me. For whatever reason, Elaine hasn't changed it yet.
Yes, hello, this is Jake. Seems Elaine has a lot more of a following these days. All due to her lies and deception, no doubt.
Yes, I know the truth about the woman you all know and love. This woman you work with so closely, trust with your secrets, trust to work for the good of the runners. And I'm more than happy to share the truth with all of you. But first, so that you know why I'm telling you all of this, some background on me.

I met Cam four years ago, when we were both in school. I was taking my leave from the Army for school, and we met in a class. I probably never would've even had the chance to talk to him, except he ended up my lab partner. I'd never actually dated a man before, though I'd had encounters of more physical kinds, but Cam was so sweet and so good that I fell for him hard. He seemed to reciprocate, judging by the glances and smiles and blushes, but he refused any and all offers of dinner or movies or coffee.
He rushed home after class every day, to sit alone by the phone. The semester was almost over by the time I figured out why. One day his phone rang in the middle of lecture and he looked at it and ran out of the room. Got himself into a lot of trouble in the doing.
He was missing in class for a week. When he came back, he was exhausted and falling asleep all over our work, but beaming. And then he told me about Elaine. Not much, of course not, so much of her is so secret. But. He told me about this friend from his childhood who was in trouble and needed a place to hide out for a few days. He let it slip that it was dangerous, but he didn't care. He was surprised when I called him on it, told him he shouldn't risk his life. He said that he had to look after Elaine, and that was that.
Even so, he invited me to have dinner with me that night. And thus we were dating.
He was always so soft and kind and innocent, so very in love with me and with Elaine, and he worked so hard to keep us getting along. He and I only really got serious when she went to jail and he didn't need to worry about her needing a place to stay at a moment's notice.
I was always acutely aware that no matter how much he loved me, how much I fought and begged to free him from her grasp, everything he was belonged to her first, and she never hesitated to make use of that. Ever.
The wedding was the first time he ever did anything for me before her.
But, because of her, it was wrecked.
Because of her, only a few days later I woke to find my lover bleeding out quietly on the bed next to me.
Because of her I chased a phantom out the door after he killed my husband.
Because of her I spent three weeks in a forest without end, hunted like an animal and getting ripped limb from limb every sunset.
Because of her I spent two weeks in a false heaven where my Cam was alive and Elaine wasn't there. She'd never existed and Cam was so much happier without her. Then that man showed up and tore me from my paradise to set me loose on the world.
Because Cam is dead and I need to set things right.

Let me clarify. I don't want to kill her. It might be nice to end her in such a visceral way, but the most important thing is for her to be exposed for what she is.

She is not some good, kind, noble woman. She's a killer. She killed for the first time when she was eight years old. The victim? Cam's twin brother, Joey. She then proceeded to kill fifteen people, mostly children, ending in her brother Lewis and her parents. The police found her hiding in Cam's closet. You can look it up, it made the national news. Her birth name was Melanie Brown, and it was back in New Jersey.
I don't know the details of those two years, Cam wouldn't tell me much, but I know she did it.
After that, I don't know much. She spent some time in an asylum, then ran away when she got out, but I know she was working for someone big and dangerous-possibly killing for them- when I met Cam. Of course, she went to jail for drugs, so it could have been just that.
All I do know is that she used Cam at every turn for his whole life. She shows no concern or remorse for people, she has no real feelings to speak of. Cam used to cry about 'his poor broken Elaine'.
There was nothing I could do.

I just want the woman who destroyed my Cam's life to see justice.


  1. I think we should let Elaine reply to this herself...

    But I have one thing to say other than that: The wedding? Cam invited us. Not Elaine.

  2. Because everything said in the media is absolutely infallible. As everyone knows.

    It is an interesting perspective that you present, though. I'll withhold anything else I might say at the moment, because I feel sure there are others who will say worse, and I'll let them.

    And Lucas has a point about letting Elaine reply, herself.

  3. ... Jake you bastard.
    I. Some of what he said is true. I'll... I'll try and post soon to set the record straight.

  4. In case you all haven't figured it out yet, Jakey-Boy is on the other side now. Hehehehe. See all the wonderful things he believes. Some of it true even. Won't it be wonderful to see Jakey-Boy kill of Lainey? Cammy would be SO sad. HAHAHAHAHA. And just so you know guys... This was totally my idea. Calling it. All Mine. Brilliant, huh? For once?

  5. Very rousing, that little speech of yours, Mr. Jake. I felt my heart rise with passion. The only problem? You've overlooked something.

    Rage all you like about "justice" and about how Elaine "should be exposed for what she is" but it won't change the fact that you were the man sleeping besides Cam. You were the military trained expert, the Captain. You knew they were after you, and you knew that had been there before.

    In short- YOU let him die, dumbass! It was YOUR fault!

    This cracks me up. You fly into this noble avenger-esque rage and not only do you fail to put any of the blame on the actual KILLER, you decide it wasn't at all the fault of the man who slept through it. But here's the gripper: YOU KNOW THIS! It is just EATING you up, isn't it? You push away the truth with this little hate-fantasy of yours, but deep down, you know.

    You failed your husband! He's dead cause of YOU! Ain't that a RIOT!?

  6. Yes, Jake, I gathered that Elaine wasn't exactly a good person when I met her. It wasn't that hard to figure out, even with her being (understandably) secretive about it. But... it's one of those things that doesn't exactly matter in this kind of life, at least to me. The sheer number of victims was a surprise, but I'll let Elaine tell her side of the story before I decide who I want to trust.

  7. And as for Cam... I'd probably make the same choices, were I in his place. That's just the kind of person he was, through no fault of his own, or any fault of Elaine's, or yours. I won't blame someone for accepting help from someone as good as he was. That one is off the table for me.

  8. Let it be said that I fucking knew it.

    Elaine herself admits that there's some truth to this. I don't know what all's true and what isn't, but there's one fact that remains: there is something that we are (were) not fucking being told, and she never bothered bringing it up. And she's potentially a raging sociopath who, for all we know, could have decided to kill Kathleen Schroedingr at any time. Could have decided to kill any of you at the wedding at any time. Hell, could still decide to kill any of the Return to Slender crew at any time. Maybe not, but the fact remains that THERE IS THAT POSSIBILITY. There was always that possibility with any of us. And it's much higher now.

    You see, people, this is why you do not trust others. This is why you do not say "oh, herpaderp, let's travel together for a while and watch each other's backs!" Because when you're in a situation like ours, relying on someone else to watch your back just makes it easier for them to stick a knife in it.

    All of you who trusted Elaine completely are fucking idiots. All of you who still trust Elaine completely are even dumber. Hell, all of you who trust anyone completely, whether it be Elaine, me, or even yourself, are all idiots, and I'll be glad when the gene pool balances itself out a bit more.


  9. You hear that, Jekyll? That is the sound of NOBODY GIVING A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK. You're just a sad pathetic loser, who whines about how "OHHH YOU CAN ONLY TRUST YOURSELF MY SOUL IS SO DARK AND EDGY"

    You aren't really alive if you don't trust anyone else. You're just living a sad shadow of what your life could have been.

    I trust Elaine. None of us have a clean past. The fact that hers might be dirtier than most means nothing to me. People change over the course of a decade and a half, you know.

    And I'm certainly not going to trust the opinion of someone who's been trapped in a labyrinth for weeks over my friend.

  10. It doesn't matter. I'll still stand beside Elaine.
    She's a friend who's helped me through a lot. Cam did too.

    So Jake can rant and rave all he wants but I know its only because you're hurting.

    Just... don't do anything stupid.

    Don't be blinded by your pain.

  11. ... oh god.
    ... no. Nononono you weren't supposed to /break out/
    Not so soon
    Not now

  12. I'm with Hakurei here.

    ...What happened Spencer?

  13. Oh Elaine. This is not the best way to talk about it, is it?

    Would she like The Mad Ventriloquist to put up the notebook?

    The Mad Ventriloquist is here for Elaine. Despite everything. He understands.

  14. Come onnnn, Spency! Share with the class!

  15. Honestly I'd like people to be honest about this kinda stuff, but it's also personal and "none of my business." I'd say not to trust either side without skepticism. Waiting to hear what happened, Elaine.

  16. Oh. Didn't expect that. Have to wait and hear what she says. Everything's got two sides. At least two.

  17. And by the looks of things, this is shaping up to be a bloody dodecahedron.

    Good luck Elaine. Be safe.
    Jake, I'm not sure. Not dying would be a good place to start.

  18. I'm waiting to hear her side. However... before people start depending on you, things like this are normally needed to be told to keep things like this from happening.

    I generally don't judge anyone, I'm not going to start with you, Elaine.

  19. Look at all you people, so easily swayed because Elaine writes to make you all believe she's so innocent. Open your eyes, look around you. Not everything is what it seems. You all should know that.

  20. What the fuck? Charles? When did you... Oh. Of course. You were Jake's best friend.

  21. Automatically trusting someone is stupid.
    Automatically hating someone is just as stupid.

    Granted, no one gets through life without their moments of blatant idiocy, but it's at least expected that we learn from the experience.

    Everybody chill out. Please.