Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Travel and Page Theory

Shrody and I left Ro's house this morning. We were both kind of sad to go, Ro's been very nice to us, but I think the situation with David had all of us on edge, and we'll all be breathing easier now that we've left.
All the same, I'll miss him. We had some great late night conversations, and Frank really adored him.

In any event, nothing much to report there. The big reason for this post is that I promised you lot a review of Page Theory, and while recent events have conspired to delay it a little while, I'm putting it up today.

Here's the original write-up.

The theory attempts to explain several things: the way the Path of Black Leaves works, the reason slendershit can be in several places at once, the reason slendershit seems to work differently for different people, and the existence of loops-or labyrinths as they were once commonly known.

To summarize, the actual theory is as follows:
Everyone sees the universe from their own point of view. This makes up THEIR universe, or page. Everyone has their own page, and all of the pages together make up the stack, or the universe at large. Pages can be crossed through, and people from different pages can interact without a problem. The space BETWEEN the pages is where loops form, where the outside edge where all the pages meet is the Path. In addition, Slendy works kind of like... stabbing a pushpin through the pile. He can be present on multiple pages at once.
As far as WHY we're split into pages, Spence has several theories, none of which he seems to have a particular preference for. It could be the presence of slendershit himself, or possibly a direct result of the creation of loops, or possibly it's just a matter of everyone having their own perspective. I tend to think it's the latter-there doesn't seem to be a reason to make it any more complicated.

Generally, I'm extremely hesitant to adopt anyone else's theory on anything regarding our current mess, specifically BECAUSE of the variable nature of slendershit's influence on all of us. Page Theory, however, is perhaps the absolute NEATEST explanation for this phenomenon I've ever had the good fortune to come across.
Page theory has the added bonus of explaining why Spence's team are so damn good at finding people. If everyone has their own slice of reality, it would theoretically be possible to flip through the pages to find the right one. Maybe?
Didn't actually ASK Spence about that one, I'm just guessing...

So, that's Page Theory. And the last of the things Spence gave Cam. Next I'll start putting up Cam's notebook. But. Um. It's...
Well, you'll see. When I can put it up. Right now... I need to think about it some more...


  1. occam's razor. simplest explanation is the truth.

    i agree, we each have a page because we each have a unique POV. end of it there.

    that is, if this theory is true. which it could be i suppose.

  2. Tht's and interesting one. Makes mor sense tha a lot of thnigs I've heard ercrntly.

  3. I've said many times that people create their own reality. This is just a subset of that idea. I like it though.

  4. This...pretty much sums up how I THINK he operates.

  5. Scans are hard to read. Cute illustrations, though.

    Got a piece of this from Spencer when I asked about the Path. Not sure I really get it.

  6. I see a lot of things as plausible but don't like to accept anything because of everything we seem to know most likely being wrong. This however is easy for me to accept for some reason. Very interesting to say the least. Glad you could share it with us all

  7. And I'm glad I'm not the one that had to do it.

    This theory isn't mine.

    I figured I owed it to him to write it up and get it out there.

  8. yeah I got lost.. I cant still understand english that well. mind explaining it with a drawing? *-*