Saturday, November 5, 2011

Departures and Another New Arrival

After quite a lot of insanity, Michael has left for real. He's pretty much single handedly responsible for making all our lives at Hope more interesting, what with the slendercrazy, but I'm going to miss the bastard.
He's the first of the long term 'residents' to actually leave, which is a little sad. Here's hoping the fucker doesn't get himself killed out there on his own.

Opal and Alice left a couple days ago, though that hasn't made much difference as they were in lockup the entire time. Considering what happened when the RtS folks let her stay with them, I certainly wasn't going to take any chances. I must confess to breathing a sigh of relief when they left, though.

TMV is also leaving, which is another one that I'm sad to see go. He's been a good friend to me for quite a while, I'm sad to see him leave. But, he has things to do, and I'm certainly not going to get in the way of that.
Still, the house feels so much emptier, even with Lexi arriving. It would be enough to depress me, except that the fact that my life is at the point now where I have time to sit around and be sad because friends left is kind of insane, in a good way.

I'm still working on sorting through Cam's journals and such. There should hopefully be a post up on that within the week.


  1. I'm sorry they have to leave, but maybe you'll get a chance to sit and just breathe for a while.

    I know you need a chance to somewhat relax.

  2. Shaun, all due respect, you already did. Guitar still in tune?

  3. Man, y'all a bunch of crazy sons of bitches.

    You need help. All of you. Just come sit on Dr. Riddles' couch any time you feel like and we can talk, hmm?

    Stay frosty.

  4. Interesting isn't really the choice word I would use.

  5. Strongly fucked up, how about that phrase, Jadey?

  6. Weeding out the real crazies is probably the best strategy. Wish we could solve those problems over here.

    -The Cynic

  7. You're doing great work, Elaine, keep it up! Your gift to us runners is an amazing one.

  8. Interesting? I didn't know you thought so Elaine!
    I'm touched!

  9. The real crazies, my dear Gentleman~? My word, that's just about all of them.

    So much Hope, so little practicality.

  10. The best moments are the moments when one can catch one's breath.

    Of course, these follow and are followed by moments where that breath is lost.