Monday, November 28, 2011

She's Alive.

Barely. But she'll live.

Just thought I'd let you know.


  1. Good. Too many blogs ending lately.

  2. I am sorry for your loss, Elaine.

    I truly am.


  3. God you people are indecisive.

  4. Not by her own choice, I'm assuming.

    "Just a child on a tantrum. Nothing more."

    How pathetic.

  5. I'm actually going to have to go with Ferus on this one, I mean she did sell you guys out, getting over that kind of fast, aren't you? Oh well, she's alive, I guess that's good, fewwer fatalities is never a bad thing to me.

    See you around

  6. Did I miss something?

    When did Canada-boy get here?

    You guys never keep me in the loop, fuck you all, see if any of you assholes get invited to the Christmas party this year.

    Except A, A's one sweet motherfucker.

  7. I can't say

    any of us are saints or sinners

    I withold judgement.

  8. Elaine. I'm going to come there next and kick your ass into next fucking century for attempting that shit. It's not just your friends dying, Elaine. It's other peoples friends too. And you know, you might be someone's friend too. You really want to lay out that example for them, instead of at least trying? Make them feel the same crap you are?

    Goddamnit. It's a loss, a big fucking loss. But you deal with it, you use that experience to determine how it will mold your future.

    Get with it, Elaine. I'll be damned if a third friend dies this month.

    And yes. I'm sorry you have to feel this way, this immense pain. I'm not going to say it won't happen again, that it will go away. We both know better and I'm not going to lie to you about it. You've got support from us. You're stronger than you think, you know it's true, so start acting on it. Stop apologizing and act.

  9. Can we all just calm the fuck down? Elaine is going to be okay. I gave her some blood and stitched up her wrist, talked her down for awhile, let her get some rest in the infirmary. She's up and around and going to be just fine, but she really doesn't need ten angry people telling her how badly she fucked up by trying to do this.

    She already knows. Lay off and let her rest a bit.

  10. Then perhaps, Ms. Serra, it would be wise to restrict her access to this blog until she is, shall we say, well?

  11. Fuck off, RCS. It's my damn blog.

  12. Elaine, hon, you alright? My place probably isn't the safest, but you're welcome to stay for a while if you need to. You probably have better friends than I, but you helped me when I needed it, so I'll extend the favor.

  13. Goddamnit, you really are an asshole aren't you, Elaine? After all the hard work you put in to save all the people you possibly could, you had to try for one final murder.

    You're a better person than that. Life is precious, even your own. Especially your own. Don't forget that.