Friday, November 11, 2011

Road Trip

Firstly, my apologies to anyone whose blog I drunkenly commented on the other day. I still haven't found all of them, I expect, it's been a busy day and I haven't had much of a chance to look. I assure you, I'm back to sober now-it's a brief slip, not a return to my old ways, and I made sure that others were watching Hope during my binge.
Just as they are now, actually. Shaun and I are on our way to help in the rescue of the remaining forest kids. Konaa was right, we've been ignoring this tragedy for way too long, and I'm not going to let them die without a fight. So we're driving to Canada. Hang in there, you fuckers, we'll be there soon.

In my absence, Tia and Lis are running Hope. I trust them implicitly, Hope is in excellent hands.

Other than that, I don't have much to say, I just wanted to update everyone on the current state of affairs.


  1. I didn't get a fucking drunken comment. What's that about? I have the decency to make bullshit crazy comments on your blog when I go insane, and you can't even manage a little drunken hello? What's the world coming to?

  2. We love you Elaine, and wish you and Shaun the best on your rescue mission

  3. Don't get killed, Remember Rule #1

  4. Try to avoid dying Elaine. It is by MY hand and mine alone that you shall die. NONE are allowed to slay you but ME.

  5. Don't get killed, guys.

    Actually, scratch that.

    Get killed, and take the people you're trying to save out with you. Cross out a whole bunch of problems.

  6. Ray, thanks.
    Ridley, sorry, I guess you didn't say something within the right timeframe that pissed me off, that seems to be where all the drunkcomments went. My utmost apologies for such a grievous mistake.
    Tia, thanks hon.
    Michael, I know, thank you.
    Fakestar, you don't get to say that. That's what the REAL Star used to say.
    Anon, thank you
    A, go fuck yourself

  7. It would be the only way to get a good shag around here, I know that much.

  8. Good luck to the both of you and don't either of you die before Thanksgiving!

  9. Were you always this apethic, A, at least be pratical about who you insult, if nothing else surely you can find a way to exploit living hunted.

    Regardless, I wish you and Shaun luck, Elaine, let us know how it goes, it should be quite intresting.

    See you around

  10. A's apathy is quite understood. After all, what does one see happening time after time? The same situations always ending in the same way. It must be frustrating to see the same mistakes made again and again and be unable to stop them.

  11. Good luck dear. I would rather if you tried not to die. We'd miss you over at hope. :)

  12. Ahh, I actually feel better knowing you were drunk. I feared the topic had cause some kind of nervous panic attack, given the nature of your typing at the time. I would hope the issue isn't so troublesome to you that it effects your ability to properly function... that would be... bad.

    Good luck with the rescue mission... just remember that these things have a tendency to ahh... go awry.