Monday, November 21, 2011

The Truth, Part 3

Thank you, Shaun, for being overdramatic and telling everyone your version of the story without sparing any time to really learn the details.

First off. Yeah, I have a deal with David. Did any of you really think that I managed to keep Hope slenderfree without something like that? Lets start off by all being honest. No one wanted to ask-and anyone who did ask, got the truth.

No, I'm not handing Stalked over to get killed. Anyone who has left here knows that I make a point of not asking where they're going. I deal in information, and I do my damndest to not inform on anyone that's been under my protection-I can't tell them where you are if you don't tell me, you know.

No, it's not perfect, yes someone could get killed because of my information, but let me ask every last one of you something. If I'm saving all of these lives, if people are staying here and being safe, given some semblance of a life back, and I'm giving information on maybe one person a month? Not even one person a month dies, just one person a month is informed on. As of right now there are six truly permanent residents of Hope-a family. Two of the forest kids, one of them currently incapable of running because of the trauma sustained while there, and a family. A mother, a father, a six year old little girl, and an infant. How many others get to live that much longer because they've spent some time here to get the heat off, to recover and get some proper meals and full nights of sleep and hot showers?

Look me in the fucking eye and tell me all of these people aren't fucking worth it.

So yes, I made a deal with the proverbial devil, but that's for your benefit. Every last motherfucking one of you has a place here if you want it. Because I don't fucking want what happened to Emma and Star and Cam to happen to anyone ever again. You all deserve fucking better, and I've made it my mission to give it to you. If that makes me a bad fucking person, so be it. I'll be here, doing what I can to keep everyone safe.


  1. I know me showing up here is probably not helping your case, but I need to say something.

    You remember that clause where this deal had to be kept a secret?

    Get everyone out of there. Run.

  2. This is far too fucking hilarious.

    Elaine, Hope is and always has been a joke. So have you, kind of, regardless if what kind of story you pull out of your ass for each new "development" (as though it can even be called that). You strike me as having the same level of understanding as someone putting band-aids over someone's spilled intestines. You're not fooling anyone, and it's to the point where I don't even care who your arrogance gets killed next.

    This isn't even a good story to read anymore. Christ.

  3. You sly old fox, David. Not a bad setup you had going there at all.

    I must say, it's refreshing to learn that I'm not the only one who knows how powerful information is.

    It's a shame your scheme was hypocritical from the start~ It might've even worked if you'd held it up to the same ideals you preached from it.

    How's it feel to know that they all hate you now? Oh, I bet the look June gave you was simply HEARTBREAKING, wasn't it? Tell me- did he cry? Or was it the raging anger of a boy betrayed by a surrogate sister? Come on, don't spare the details, let it all out! I'm dying to know!

  4. I'd offer you refuge here at Slender Falls. But my instincts tell me you wouldn't take me up on it

    Anyway the offer is open; barkeeps and drunks are your best choice to ask for directions.

    Otherwise, good luck. You have have our thoughts and prayers.

  5. ... Guess which no-approach order was just revoked?

    A friendly warning; Mister Banks isn't lying. He has no reason to, and neither do I.

    Since I don't really mind any of you (though Elaine, your murderous tendencies somewhat concern me), I suggest you try to make it out alive.

  6. You done goofed.
    I should probably express condolences, but I'm kind of pleased. Things were getting a bit too reality show for my liking.

  7. Oh, well that was stupid. The deal is what, less than worthless now?

  8. You're really bad at thinking these things through, aren't you.

    And what is this obsession you people all seem to have with making deals? You act as though just because some knife nut claims you won't be attacked, the local eldritch god is going to leave you completely alone. Ever stop to think how royally fucked everyone would be were it to one day just decide to ignore the deal and slaughter everyone inside?

    And so help me, if you end up getting people killed because you couldn't just stop and think over what you were about to do before posting this, I will.... I have no idea, but it won't be pleasant for anyone nearby.

  9. So much for Hope, a bad name right from the start (yes I'll say it on both posts, it needs to be said). How many deals does this make, Elaine, you seem to be quite fond of them. Here's what you do, you get that family out, you send the runner with them, you stay behind, the end. Hunted have their weeks numbered, you have your hours numbered, accecpt this and die a maytr, and maybe you'll hold on to some semblance of honor.

    See you around

  10. As sad as it really is, maybe it's safe just to go with every man for himself. Partners or groups of 3 would be the biggest I'd go in these situations just to try to keep things tight knitted

  11. Oh man I am ready to burn Hope to the FUCKING GROUND!

    If anyone starts without me I will be sorely disappointed.

  12. You know, it would be a bit ironic if David himself were the one to burn Hope. Maybe he'll be too busy. Maybe it'll be Ritter instead.

    I dearly hope your people are escaping as we speak, instead of hoping that someone will save them.

    Three times of using Hope, damn, I probably should have used other words for those emotions.

  13. The only way Ferus could burn hope down is if Elaine inexplicably decided to repaint it with gasoline.

  14. You have a very biased way of deciding whose lives are worth protecting.

    I'd contact the people you've leaked info on and tell them to get moving.

  15. Elaine, thanks for talking to me earlier. I still don't know what to think of all this, but from what we discussed, I trust you, at least for now. Everyone else, it's your decision, but for what it's worth, Elaine is helping people.

  16. I'll see you on the other side then Elaine

  17. I will now request the immediate and unconditional surrender of anyone attempting to attack the location known as "Hope." You will be treated equitably and humanely within the accepted rules of warfare as stated by the Geneva Convention should you choose to do so. Any further attempts to harm the people residing within will be met with excessive force.

  18. ...

    Fuck, Elaine. I shouldn't have left... I. I'm sorry.