Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Situation

Most of you, I expect, have seen this by now, or at least this. It's true, apparently due to my own insistence on security when the deal was being made, the fact that I've now told all of you about it has broken it. I guess I didn't think it would really happen. Though, Shaun's reveal would've broken it anyway.

I got everyone out that would agree to go. The problem? The Johnsons refuse to leave. They say that if Hope isn't safe, there's nowhere left for them. Therefore, they're not going to drag their six year old daughter running around the country to experience that much more fear and pain and death before the end. So they're staying and hoping for a quick death for all four of them, basically.

Like I'm just going to let that happen. Which is where things get interesting. Ray decided to stay and help fight. Elliott and Alex are still here-they're sticking together until a certain Stalked psychiatrist can take Alex to get properly looked at.

We have four newcomers, all of which are staying to help, though some longer than others. Apparently when people figure out you're stuck in a situation like this, petty shit like... oh, breakups and fights don't matter so much.

Yeah, that's right. Nick and Ellen arrived late last night. They've got some crazy scheme for countering any attack on Hope, but it's dependent on getting everyone out. Which, as I've already mentioned, is a big fucking problem.

Steele and Rivers are also here. Amusingly enough, neither of them had the slightest clue about what's been going down-as I mentioned, they're here to pick up Alex. But they've decided to stay at least a little while and help me fortify a little more-which is... honestly quite decent of them.
Still, the three of them and Elliott are all leaving as soon as I can get them out the door. I am admittedly not worried about Nick and Ellen, they... are more likely to accidentally blow up the place than get killed, I think.

Spencer. I'm not going to die. Please try to calm down, alright? If any of us have a fighting chance against this, I've got the two of them staying upstairs.


  1. I hope your resistance will be enough, love. If not, at least there were people that gave enough of a damn to band together and fight.

    Nothing is set in stone, even our own deaths.

  2. Keep your head up. We got this.

  3. Pfft. Good fucking luck. Glad I aint you.

  4. Oh joy, an epic battle for honor, safety, and principle. A small group of fighters in Texas holding out in a single fortress agianst an unknowable number of better equiped enemies, can't wait to hear how this turns out... Oh wait, I did, it was called The Alamo, and it didn't end well. Seriously, just get out of there, seeing you slaughtered gains me absolutly nothing. Unless of course you do what I predict and ignore this advice, in which case have fun on your last stand, they'll never be able to say you went down without a fight.

    See you around

  5. Oh god.
    You've all gone insane at once.

  6. We've been this way all along, love.

    I thought you knew this?

  7. Dia, thanks.
    Ray, I hope you're right.
    Cage, fuck off
    Spence, I've always been nuts, you know this.

  8. Hey I'm not trying to be rude, I honestly don't want any of you to die. I'm just saying your chances are better on the run, but if you want to go for a total victory, well it will be glorious one way or the other.

    See you around

  9. Although I do think it would be best to go on the run instantly, As you pointed out. The Johnsons do not wish to leave. Your desire to stay and protect them is admirable.

    I wish you all the best of luck

  10. Hey Cage, there's a much closer parallel than the Alamo, if you want it. Closer in location, chronology, and even the sides involved. http://operationwintergreen.blogspot.com/

  11. Hey Cage, a closer parallel would be Operation Wintergreen (http://operationwintergreen.blogspot.com/). Similar location, only a few months ago, and it even had the same Sage involved.
    (If I already said this, it's because my internet is really acting up today.)