Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lockdown Successful

The only way I can really start off this post is by saying how much I adore the outrageously fancy electronic lock system Cam bought for Hope.  Without it, the events of yesterday afternoon would've possibly ended much worse than they did.

We've had our first incident at Hope(I'm not naive enough to not expect more down the line), which was dealt with quickly and decisively. Michael, like so many of us Stalked, has a bit of a problem with going slendercrazy. So far as we can tell, he wasn't actually around, but it doesn't exactly go away. Some of you will know that firsthand.
He describes the lead up better than I could, not being in his head for it, but the long and short of it was that Shaun and I were watching a movie when Michael peeked in the door looking spooked and darted when he saw us. I was understandably concerned and when to chase him. As it turns out, Joel had chased him from when he ran away from their door. He told me what had happened, and the three of us chased Michael downstairs.
I... took a minute to lock down the gate so he couldn't get away-he clearly wasn't in his right mind and I wasn't going to just let him leave.
We found Tia and Lis there, outside. I sent Lis inside and locked down the entire place(Like I said, I /love/ this security system). Tia stayed, she's almost as good as I am in a fight. The four of us went after him. When we found him, I lured him into attacking me, Tia and Shaun subdued him, and Joel and I made sure there were no unpleasant surprises about.
Michael's pretty good with that stick of his, so there's a few bumps and bruises, but we're all okay and Michael is under pretty strict supervision.
He's back to himself, came out of it as soon as he woke up, honestly, but I'm keeping him secure for a day or two just in case.
As much as I hate to see this happen to a friend, it's nice to know that my plans and security measures are working so far. Score one for Hope!

In other news, TMV arrived Wednesday. He's settled in pretty well, it's nice to have him here. Kind of a strange reversal of the old days, when I stayed with him. Hopefully no one's getting stabbed this time.

Also. I've put it off long enough. I've been spending a lot of time looking through Cam's notebook, his papers from the old apartment... and I need to share what I've found. I think it's important. Expect pictures soon.


  1. Watch out for the old bastard now that TMV's there.

  2. I like 'the old bastard'. So long as he doesn't start hurting my people, I don't really much care if he does.

  3. Glad to see you're prepared for potential incedents, and that you know it isn't the last. Hope may stand longer than I origonally perdicted, of course things tend to be dificult to perdict in the long run one way or the other.

    See you around

  4. Dear Miss Elaine,

    Things may seem tough, but it's good to see you're keeping a fairly strong head in this. Try to keep it up!


  5. The real question is: Is it fireproof?

  6. I thought that the real question was: WILL IT BLEND? :D

    Hi elaine, experienced brother here, just watching youtube videos.. Say sister, like how many people can be staying at Hope at the same time? Just curious.

  7. That's funny, I thought the real question was: Could it be cut down with a herring?

    Heh, I really hope this works out for you all. I think we could all use a bit of Hope in the coming days.

    Just... be careful. The Stalkers aren't going to take this lying down. Keep your eyes open and your weapons at the ready. You guys should pull through.

  8. And here's the part where I play the asshole again to tell you that I told you so....


  9. Jek, I didn't expect to never have problems. But Hope is still safe. Because I'm prepared for said problems.

  10. What happens when someone goes batshit within your walls? Even the most sane Runner can submit to madness after one bad day.

    Do your security defenses hold against that?

  11. Yep. That they do. Trust me, security is tight, and Elaine is very prepared.