Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hope Spot

I'm writing this to all of you from Austin. I've come home. Sort of. Didn't dare go back to the old apartment. Thankfully, I didn't have to.

Before Cam died, he did a lot of things. Some of them I'll be looking into and documenting later. Some of them are all around me now. Perhaps the most ostentatious is this house. He had a house built. Seven stories, heavily fortified, completely secure against mundane threats.
He arranged to have it completely furnished and ready to go. He told the builders that the key was to go only to me. Not even to him.

So, a week ago, I got a call from the builders. The house was finished. Completely furnished, ready to go. And the needed me to do a walk through and make sure everything was in order. I wasn't about to say no. Cam... always knew what he was doing.
Obviously the hospital stay delayed me some, but today I arrived in Texas, and after meeting up with Lucas and Joel and Josh, I've settled in.

The place is amazing. It could easily fit twenty people, with everyone having their own bedroom.  We've kind of spread out, I think (Though Lucas, Joel, and Josh are on a different floor than me, so I'm not entirely sure what their rooming arrangement is)

Cam left me a letter to go with it. I'll... I'll share it with all of you.

By the time you read this, I'll be gone. It's okay, by now you should know I knew it was coming. I made sure to prepare to have you as taken care of as possible when I died. I'm not... entirely sure when during the building process I went. It doesn't really matter.
I don't know what has happened since I wrote this, what has changed, what new information has come to light. But I had this built for the three of us(two of you, now, I guess).
I want you to make this place as safe as you can, and then I want you to start taking people in. I know, I know, it's supposed to not be safe to do that. But we held out for a while, right? And you've had so much more time to pick this stuff up now. You can make it work.
Help people. You need them as much as they need you. Maybe you've learned that already. I hope you have.
It was my dream to use this house to help them, but that's not possible anymore. So do it for me. Please.
Help them-someone needs to.

So what else can I do? It was our dream, before. All of our big plans were to make this happen. It was on my mind anyway. I've been making my own arrangements. Getting things going, reading up on additional ways to keep the house safe.

Lucas, Joel, and Josh are going to help. It's good to have them here. This house would be a bit too empty if they weren't.

So, I guess this is the official announcement. I'm opening this place up. I make no guarantees about safety, though I will tell you that I am going to do everything I can think of, including borrowing ideas from people who've been doing this far longer than me.

If anyone needs a place to stay, get in touch. I can get you here and get you some solid meals, showers, a warm bed. Even just for a few days.

Here's hoping this is actually a good idea.


  1. You're doing exactly what Cam would've wanted. He'd be happy with this.

    I'm not much of a stay in one place person myself, so..don't expect me. But I'm glad to know there's a safe spot out there.

  2. i...

    wow. even though i knew about this it seems so unreal. i hope you can make it work. if anyone can...

  3. I pray only for the best. And @#!*% , I've been doing okay surviving in one place so your place will probably be an iron fortress. Also if you need any melee-related weaponry I got quite a variety so just give a shout, I'm only 3 hours away.

  4. May the Good Lord protect you and your's, darling, as only He can. Stay safe.

  5. You should give this place a name!

  6. If it gets named, don't let me name it. The last time I did, bad things happened. :p

    But yes, I feel almost a little bit safer than being out on the street.


  7. Konaa, thank you. That. That means a lot

    Shaun, thank you as well. I'm certainly going to try.

    Raggedy, thanks for the offer but I've got plenty of weaponry. And yes, I've been considering names. I have one in mind, actually. I'll let you know on my next post.

    Tia, of course. I just want to help.

  8. Hmmm.. a place to run. just as brother hospitaller tried. I warn you, getting so closed up surrounded of the stories of bad situations from runners made him mad (just try to relax sometimes, ok?). But still, is a nice idea. A necessary idea in this times.

  9. Hospitaller was a raging lunatic from the beginning. Anyone who can talk that loudly about mercy and condemn others so easily is just waiting to crack.

  10. Wow, so much "hate".

    He just didnt know how to interact out of a "religious protocol"..
    I might need your help..

  11. Anon, drop me an email and we'll talk.

  12. South is as good a direction as any I suppose.

  13. ... Nemo, email me before you show up on my doorstep and please don't burn anything down in my area.

  14. Elaine:
    I recently had a close encounter with him, and I've kept moving ever since then. Right now I'm running on Monster energy drinks and super-loaded coffees. Could I PLEASE crash at your place?
    I have money (at least enough) and I don't take a lot of space. I'm begging you right now...