Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Fuck, Please No

I'm still in the hospital. Recovering. They're talking about letting me out soon. Which is nice, and I'll be glad for that.

But. Priorities.

Mitch has Star. Mitch has Star and she's going to kill him and I'm stuck in a hospital bed unable to do anything but beg. I'm. I'm begging you for help. Anyone who can see this. Nick? TMV? She likes you, she listens to you. Please, just... anyone who might be able to get through to her, please. Say something. Talk to her. Help me help him. Please. He's gone mad but there's no saying he'll never be able to come back. Please.

He's just a kid, guys. Please help me help him.

Mitch, if you're reading this. I'm begging you, please. Don't do this.


  1. Mitch, you do NOT want to do this.

    Let's step aside the fact that if you kill him, you'll be just like him, for a moment.

    If you kill him you will earn Elaine's wrath for the rest of your life.

    I will pray for your poor damned soul if that happens.

    Seriously. Stay safe and let him go.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    Morningstar is a vicious lunatic. Cage him. If you can't cage him, kill him. He made his choice, just like you did Elaine, the difference being that you chose your humanity over your monster.

  3. Ellen, he's fucking insane. He /chose/ the humanity, then slendershit ripped the choice away from him.
    That is not his fault.

  4. Do it, Mitch! Be the bitch! Be the bitch!


    The madness! The chaos! The spoon! Drink it in! Drink it in like it's the fucking nectar of the gods!

  5. Ridley: Basically what Konaa said, with an added "Psychotic Bitch."

  6. Elaine, I'm sorry. I'll leave something on the post, hopefully more people will too.

  7. I had a life once. I've since found that they are vastly overrated. And besides, I defy you to tell me that I don't have much more fun than you. Do it. Do it if thou canst handle the blatantly horrible lies thou wouldst be telling thyself, without every cell in your body rebelling against the untruth of the statement that you would be attempting to pass through your lips such that each and every individual cell would fly off in an attempt to escape the horrid collapse of causality that would ensue by the uttering of such a statement, thus preventing its occurrence by disintegrating your very body.

    But you can't do it. Your pulchritude stat's too low, Junie Bro Jones. You might wanna do something about that before you attempt to...
    fuck it, I'm bored with this. Imma go stab a revenant and see if he notices that he's not fucking healing.

    Stay frosty.

  8. Why exactly are we so concerned about him living? I mean, do we not remember the fact that he was violently psychotic before he joined up with the Slender Man?

    Hell, if he dies, that's what, one life? As opposed to the how many he would have taken had he been the one who died?

    Honestly, I don't get it. He's been attempting to murder all of you for how long now, and the moment he decides that he's flipping sides he's completely vindicated. Hey, if I kill a puppy in cold blood right now, does that mean that it's instantly forgiven as soon as I decide that The Boss made me do it and that I've gotten tired of working for him? I just flip sides and suddenly everything's forgiven?

    Don't really see why everyone's so worked up about this. We're just trading one psychotic asshole for another. You people need to be a bit more logical about these things.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  9. ...
    Why yes, because lashing out and killing the people who've been abusing you for eighteen years makes you a homicidal maniac. That was his only kill, until Slendy pressganged him.
    Don't be a closed minded idiot. It's okay when your friends kill people, but when anyone else does it it's completely unforgivable, no matter what?

  10. Directly from his first post:

    "I shall join him in his hunt... I shall be yet another weapon of his... Oh Yes... The Screams of the Runners whose bodies I tear asunder will be as the music of Heaven itself... Their Blood will flow as rivers into the depths of the earth, where their bodies will be ravaged by the maggots and worms..."

    Yes, that is totally how my sane friends talk all the time.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  11. Well, yeah, if your family had spent your entire life telling you you were the fucking antichrist you'd talk a big game too. The fact remains, the only people he'd killed were the same people that did that to him in the first place. And might I point you to a few posts later when he's actually being hallowed the first time and he's fighting it with everything he had because he didn't really want it?

  12. I say that only means he was reluctant to have his personality altered. Apart from that, he knew veeerry well what he wanted.

  13. Let the bastard die. He's a slenderzombie, and there is no return from that.
    I'm sorry to tell you this Elaine, I've been reading your blog and I like you and stuff, but proxies are proxies. And they have to be killed.

  14. Not, I used to be a proxy. And now look at me. Proxies don't automatically need to be killed.

  15. Not everybody it's as lucky as you Elaine. There is people who can't come back. And from what I've seen, I think star might be one of them.

  16. woah woah woah, what? either I missed something in your other posts of this is something new. I hope star is alright. For his sake and yours.

  17. What? Another one? Bullshit! First Tony, now you. Bitchtensor. Star's crazies. Messenger, 'cause he's kind of a pussy. The pedophile. Cultists. It's sickening. We really need to start being more selective in our recruitment drives. It's almost like they'll just let anyone in these days. Makes Archy seem totally sane for killing thes--

    I'm not supposed to know about that. I don't know about that. Cocks. Tasty delicious fried barnyard fowl. Mmmm.

    Stay frosty, assholes.

  18. Human logic and justice is so contradictory isn’t it?

    Everything must pass into a "self-destruction and pain" process before becoming something new.
    A great pain, if not physical but psychological and emotional was suffered by him without most people noticing it. I always considered Morning-.. ..Brother Luke like a "reflexing mirror" of a modern knight; 'No matter the pain and internal suffering, an hypocrite smile should always be grin for those who follow you, so they don’t fall into desperation and death'

    The only difference is that, he was forced to grin.