Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You were right. You were all fucking right.
He's gone.
He'sgone, he's gone, he's gone.
He took first watch.
I woke up to him screaming and flailing and running out of the room. I tried to chase him, but he got away.
Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck


  1. Son of a bitch...

    I'm sorry, Elaine.

  2. this is the part where i try really really hard not to scream 'i told you so' and run away as well.

    fucking goddammit.

    get out of there elaine...dont stay where you are. are you alright? hurt or immobilized in anyway? if not, GET THE FUCK OUT. because now it probably isnt safe to stay in the last place star was with need to run.

  3. ... Give up.
    There's no happy endings.
    And with the way this is going, we're going to have two corpses on our hands.

    If you die because of this, I'll never forgive you.

  4. I'm out, I'm out, I promise.
    But I'm not giving up. Just making sure I survive long enough to help him.

  5. Ah hell... I'm sorry... Just don't die Elaine, don't you dare fucking die.

  6. Screw off, Spencer. Feel free to fall into despair if you're that weak, but don't drag anyone down with you.

    Long as we're alive we have a chance.

  7. "There's too many misconceptions
    In this game of consequence
    When you're finding that your hero
    Is just who you're up against."

  8. Oh Elaine, I'm sorry. There's really no positive spin for this other than that I was wrong and he didn't try to harm you.

  9. Wonderful news! I believe I'll do a little jig.

  10. Elaine, christ, I'm...

    Just - be careful, alright sweetie? I'm so, so sorry. Give me a call when you can.

  11. At least you're still alive, I won't try and pretend we didn't all see this coming. We offered warnings and they were dismissed. There's no getting past that.

    But I'm grateful you're unharmed and alive. Stay safe.

  12. Hang in there Elaine, especially since they seem to be going on the offensive as of late.
    Stay strong and stay alive.

  13. I knew Morningstar-sama wouldn't leave Slendy-kuuuuuuuun ~<3 He would have at least told me before he did.