Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Quite So Incompetant

Got an email from Jake just a few minutes ago.


Before I left Austin to go looking for you I paid a visit to someone you might remember. Reggie, your old boss? The one you liked? I'd planned on saving these and sending them to you with pictures of the rest of your little friends, but I figure it's best I send these on to give you a taste.


Attached were several pictures of Reggie and his boyfriend. Dead.

Neither of them would've had any clue where I was. That was for no other reason than to throw me.

What the fuck, Jake? I didn't think you were that much of a sick fuck. You'll pay for that. They deserved better.

I'm in shock


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  2. Crapcrapcrap... tossing long-distance hugs at you, Elaine.

  3. Dammit, this is too far, even for Jake. I did tell him not to do anything too stupid. It's not right, what you're doing, Elaine, but they were innocent people.

  4. Like a rabid dog. Maybe worse. The dog isn't quite so deliberate.

  5. if it's to throw you than don't let it throw you.
    Though don't worry about hugs. I've got that one covered for you guys.

  6. because that clearly helped your case jake. CLEARLY.

  7. Lis, thank you.

    Charles, wake the fuck up. All I'm doing is trying to help people. Jake has gone off the deep end.

    Nemo, yeah. Thinking the Loop may have fucked him up a little more than it first appeared, maybe?

    Spencer, thank you.

    Shaun, yeah. Fair point

  8. You know, attacking people close to a specific target while leaving blood and destruction in your wake loses its power if everyone is doing it.

    Could you have at least waited until I was done?

    At any rate, I think this Jake fellow is going about things the wrong way Elaine. Some people break when those they care about are killed. Others just get pissed.

    I'm imagining you're the second sort. Not to say that the loss doesn't effect you or you're not sorry. Just that it was a bit of a horrendously stupid idea.

  9. It was His thing before it was yours, David.

    Fits with Jake's history too. Can't reach the real targets so innocents die instead. Just like overseas.

  10. David, thank you, I think. And you're right. I am quite pissed.

    Atalanta, you're also right. Except that apparently he killed them before he went after Hylo? Which means that he always intended to go after the innocents.

  11. There's really only one thing to do with a rabid dog.