Friday, March 30, 2012

I've got something of a debt to repay.

And I'm not about to let this one slip.

Angmar, you crazy fuck, who do you think you are?

Yeah, long time no see. Been with Elaine for a couple days but had no reason to post - busy with rescuing a kid.

I'm no father. Even as big brother standards go I'm pretty fucking pathetic.

But this?

This is ridiculous. Met Elaine a while ago and believe me when I say the rage hasn't subsided. It's started to get me roiled up too. Got a nice little revolver courtesy of Battle and a single bullet to put between your eyes, Angmar. And I'm going to take so much pleasure in watching your head explode like the Christmas cracker from hell.

Or maybe I'll just aim for the gut and have a cup of coffee while I watch you bleed like a stuck pig.

Whatever suits my mood, I guess.

Can't say much about where we are or how much progress we're making - just that we're making it.

And trust me, we will get her back.

Even if it means losing one of us.


  1. If you do get the kid back, don't keep her. It's clear that being around Elaine is dangerous, more so than most of you nuts.
    But I'm just a broken record here. The kid will die soon enough, and only then will anybody else think it was all an awful idea.

    1. Y'know what Ben, I don't know what has made you so fucking jaded but y'know, there's a time and a place for everything. Now is not the time to be spouting off shit about ditching a little girl. So please, we are all sick of you, kindly shut the fuck up.

    2. I might be with ben here in part. Elaine made no obvious mistakes when Em was taken. I had hoped she had but she hadn't. She did everything right and it didn't matter.

      It doesn't seem like Elaine can continue to fight the master and protect Em. But it's to late to remove Em from the equation. Because it bothers Elaine, Em will always be a target regardless of whether or not she is actually around her.

    3. It's okay, Raggedy. They're right. She's a bigger target because of me.
      I think I may have a way to fix that.

    4. I hope for her sake it works.

    5. Elaine, if you get yourself killed, I will summon up your spirit and kick your ass.

  2. Eliot, I like your cut man, it's pretty god damn simple, asshole has a short ranged weapon, shoot the fucker, problem solved...

    No one try to sell me on how he's "One of the good ones" until he drops a blog post explaining his dark mysterious past as being possessed by King Arthur's chambermaid or something, he's a kidnapping asshole proxy...

    No even with an explanation to how motives, he's still a kidnapping asshole proxy and we should still shoot him.

  3. Such senseless violence.
    Do try to avoid harming the girl.

  4. 'I'm no father. Even as big brother standards go I'm pretty fucking pathetic.'

    Well you seem to be the only one around here with the courage of a one. You have to do what you have to do, etc.
    I would be pretty happy if that knight poser suffers,eitherway.

  5. With the courage of *a one*? A father I suppose. Dude, seriously, are you againts them, or in favor, or what the hell?

  6. You people and your threats, just go out and save the girl already. Honestly, if I were Angmar I would be reading every one of these posts, and for every threat I would make it that much harder to even reach me. Hell I would probably have killed the girl by now. Good thing I'm not that much of a sadist.

    Seriously, save her. Now.

    See you around

    1. Trust me, we're working on it. What the crap do you think we've been doing this whole time?